Now is the Time- Conclusion

This month marks the fortieth year of my conscious commitment to Our Heavenly Father.  I was drawn to a Christian coffeehouse called “The Open Door” because of the quality of the musicians playing there.  It was there that I heard the Word of GOD with passion.  Other than a few Bible stories, I knew virtually nothing about the Scriptures.  In the upper room, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Little did I know what impact that event would have on my life.  The next month I met the wife of my youth and nine months later we were married.

The Feast of Tabernacles is at hand and this will be my 16th year to observe this feast.  The first observance was at Moon Plaza in Fridley, Minnesota.  During that meeting, I was asked to speak.  I had been dissecting the Book of Esther and shared the revelation I was receiving at the time.  To this very day, a lady who attended that meeting reminds me of my presentation of Esther.

Many of us have similar events in our lives as Our Heavenly Father guides us through our time of preparation.  We are given revelation, signs, dreams, visions, all to encourage us as we navigate through our time of testing and preparation.  Some started their walk earlier than me, and some later.  Each of us has a unique calling to serve the Kingdom of Our Beloved Heavenly Father.  Unique gifts were set aside for us to fulfill our service to the Kingdom.  I know of not one soul who wanted to be as the woman with the issue of blood, but that woman had a calling to fulfill the Scripture just like David, Joseph, Esther, or others whom we prefer to associate our callings with.  We must be careful to not underestimate the calling of those who appear to be less fortunate than the rest of us.  They are just as important to Our Heavenly Father as we are.  The spirit of entitlement must be replace with the heart of gratitude if we are to fulfill our calling.

Our Heavenly Father has molded my life for His purpose.  My job was simply to respond.  I did not plan my career, HE did.  I did not plan my birthplace, HE did.  I did not plan to receive the Holy Spirit in October, 1971, HE did.  I simply went to hear some excellent musicians play.  Our Heavenly Father has choreographed our lives for HIS perfect plan, will, and purpose.  HE has exposed our lawlessness, our immaturity, our lack of skill, our lack of understanding, so that we would grow and mature in order that we could handle our calling properly.  If there was one thing I could claim expertise in, it would be my quickness to ask for forgiveness.

Our Heavenly Father has sent many prophets to announce changes affecting all of us.  Tumultuous times are ahead and a remnant of us have been prepared for such a time as this.  Man’s wisdom can no longer keep the current system intact.  The wobble has started and the earth is ripe for a change.  None of this is a surprise to Our Heavenly Father.  In HIS great grace and mercy, HE has appointed each of us to be alive at this time and to participate in HIS plan.  May each of us be deemed a good and faithful servant.   Now is the time!

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