End Of An Age

Jesus provided perspective and instruction concerning the “end of an age” as it has to do the world’s systems.

Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 24:

3 Later, when they arrived at the Mount of Olives, his disciples came privately to where He was sitting and said, “Tell us, when will these things happen? And what sign should we expect to signal Your coming and the completion of this age?”

4 Jesus answered, “At that time deception will run rampant. So beware that you are not fooled! 5 For many will appear on the scene claiming my authority or saying about themselves, ‘I am the Anointed One,’ and they will lead many astray.

6 “You will hear of wars and revolutions on every side, with more rumors of wars to come. Don’t panic or give in to your fears, for the breaking apart of the world’s systems is destined to happen. But it won’t yet be the end; it will still be unfolding.

7 “Nations will go to war against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms. And there will be terrible earthquakes, horrible epidemics, and famines in place after place. 8 This is how the birth pains of the new age will begin!

Jesus prophesied of horrible epidemics at the end of an age so we should not be surprised or fearful about the current epidemic.  The Holy Spirit instructed my wife and me against getting the jab.  This instruction was specific to us so do not take this as being some doctrine.  We have many loved ones who did receive the jab and we have no issue with their decision.  FATHER gave my wife the Word to speak in prayer on their behalf “No weapon formed against me will prosper.”

What is the solution to the horrible epidemic?  It is Spiritual in nature and does not originate in the physical.

What is the solution to the breaking apart of the world’s systems?  It is Spiritual in nature and not derived by the intelligence of economic experts?  After all, they predicted five of the last three recessions. (Get the joke?)

What should you and I do in preparation for what lies ahead?  Prepare spiritually and plant Spiritual seed at every opportunity.  This is one major reason we continue to financially support the kids in need EVERY MONTH.  Did FATHER know this when HE had me set up Servias Ministries in 2006?  Absolutely!  There have been readers who have come and gone over the years but there is a remnant who continues to prepare with us side by side.  There are many such small groups throughout the earth.  We are just one group among the many.

Each of us has a destiny to fulfill which is written in our individual books (Psalm 139:16).  I must admit that I was not fully aware of the importance of my book back in 2006.  I simply followed The Holy Spirit’s direction since 1971 in the major aspects of my life.  Yes, I do wish I would have paid closer attention in the day to day walk but I was young and more driven than led.  FATHER was not moved by my soulishness thanks to HIS great grace and mercy.

What has delayed the end of the age?  It is due to the prayers of the elect.

When will the end occur?  Only FATHER knows, as Jesus specifically indicated more than once.  In the meantime, we have been given signs in order to become fully prepared.

36 “Concerning that day and exact hour, no one knows when it will arrive, not even the angels of Heaven—only the Father knows. 37 For it will be like it was in the days of Noah when the Son of Man appears. 38 Before the flood, people lived their lives eating, drinking, marrying, and having children. 39 They didn’t realize the end was near until Noah entered the ark, and then suddenly, the flood came and took them all away in judgment. It will happen the same way when the Son of Man appears. 40 At that time, two men will be working on the farm; one will be taken away in judgment, the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding grain; one will be taken away in judgment, the other left. 42 This is why you must stay alert: because no one knows the day your Lord will come.

How long are we to stay alert?  The timeframe does not matter to me and hopefully you feel the same way.  Let each of us focus on becoming fully mature IN CHRIST and being a blessing in areas we can impact.  The end of one age brings forth an age meant for FATHER’S Kingdom to be established on earth as it is in Heaven.

If The Holy Spirit wakes you up early, don’t complain but rejoice.  I sleep solid and wake up alert thus I look forward to what FATHER wants me to focus on that day.  It is always appropriate and timely.  Let no one get you off track and be assured, there will be those who try.  The adversary and his minions know their time is short so there is nothing they won’t attempt to deceive the Elect.

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