Psalm 144 and Goliath

You and I are appointed for this time in history.  We are called to be “History changers”.  We will not be moved by the lies spewing forth from the world because we know what absolute Truth is and can observe fruit which will confirm Truth.

Pay close attention to verses 6-8 & 11.

David wrote by The Holy Spirit in Psalm 144:

King David’s poetic song as he stood before Goliath:

1 There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me;

    it’s in God alone Who gives me strength for the battle.

2 He’s my shelter of Love and my fortress of faith,

    Who wraps Himself around me as a secure shield.

    I hide myself in this One who subdues enemies before me.

3 Lord, what is it about us that You would even notice us?

    Why do You even bother with us?

4 For man is nothing but a faint whisper, a mere breath.

    We spend our days like nothing more than a passing shadow.

5 Step down from heaven, Lord, and come down!

    Make the mountains melt at Your touch.

6 Loose Your fiery lightning flashes and scatter Your enemies.

    Overthrow them with Your terrifying judgments.

7 Reach down from your Heavens

    and rescue me from this hell

    and deliver me from these dark powers.

8 They speak nothing but lies; their words are pure deceit.

    Nothing they say can ever be trusted.

9 My God, I will sing You a brand-new song!

    The harp inside my heart will make music to You!

10 I will sing of You, the One Who gives victory to kings—

    the One Who rescues David, Your loving servant,

    from the fatal sword.

11 Deliver me and save me from these dark powers

    who speak nothing but lies.

    Their words are pure deceit,

    and you can’t trust anything they say.

12 Deliver us! Then our homes will be happy.

    Our sons will grow up as strong, sturdy men

    and our daughters with graceful beauty,

    royally fashioned as for a palace.

13–14 Our barns will be filled to the brim,

    overflowing with the fruits of our harvest.

    Our fields will be full of sheep and cattle,

    too many to count,

    and our livestock will not miscarry their young.

    Our enemies will not invade our land,

    and there’ll be no breach in our walls.

15 What bliss we experience when these blessings fall!

    The people who Love and serve our God will be happy indeed!

Look at the current fruit versus 2019 of those in power here in the U.S.

Jan, 2019                                           Today

We exported energy                  We now import energy

Gasoline:  2.34/gal                                       3.38

Border crossing Enforced                   Pressure against enforcement of illegal entry

Low inflation                           High inflation

Healthy Nation                                  ???

No product scarcity                  Empty shelves

Jesus was critical of no one except the Pharisees for they were in charge of the nation.  Over time, they had expanded the Ten Commandments to 613 commandments and statutes.  Does this sound familiar?

People can argue about how the U.S. and other countries went from blessing to cursing but for whatever reason, the fruit is now lacking.  It begins in the spiritual and then manifests in the physical.  Goliath was the nefarious one that had to be removed by David who was anointed by FATHER.  Goliath was led by the god of this world but the GOD of Heaven and earth overcame the intent of the adversary.  There are those who are anointed by FATHER for such a time as this and FATHER is always several moves ahead of the adversary and his minions.

The enemies of Christ are our enemies as well.  Those who support abortion are enemies of Christ thus I personally do not support my tax dollars paying for supporting the enemy’s agenda thus I support prolife agendas as does FATHER.

FATHER uses men and women who have been given unique giftings to get the job done.  It is not up to you or me to assess their character but simply look at their fruit.  It is either good or bad and that is all we are to judge.  Matthew was a tax collector, one of the most hated by the Jews, but Jesus selected him as a disciple.  The rest is history.

There are those who are Truth Seekers and put their money where their mouth is.  Mike Lindell is one such man.  He offered $5 million to anyone who could refute his findings concerning the technology hacking done in the November 2020 election.  Since I have over 35 years of IT experience, I am well aware of the diverse skill sets of IT nerds, their egos, and willingness to take his money.   No one could collect.  The election was tainted and the Pharisees in charge opted to do nothing about it.  However, FATHER is making sure that the nefarious individuals are being exposed and all the lies will come back to haunt them.

The last ten months have erased the “norm” we were all accustomed to in our daily lives.  Our friend who lives in the Melbourne, Australia area, says that she is now encountering Communism brought on by the current government.

The Remnant has been in preparation for this time in history, so don’t be discouraged.

The following link contains an interview where Mike Lindell discusses the last ten months with our former president.  It is all about judging fruit based on the Truth!

Mike spent his own money to find out the Truth and I support his quest.  He gives all the credit to Our Heavenly Father.

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