Shock & Appall

The CBS series “Sixty Minutes” aired an investigative report on members of Congress using their offices to gain information for personal financial gain, aka insider trading.  Once again, it appears that there are two sets of rules: one set for those in power (the 1%) and for the rest of us (99%).  Public servants are suppose to serve the “Public”, not themselves at the expense of the Public.  The apparent corruption at the Federal level continues to be exposed thus evoking responses such as Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and other expressions of frustration.  There appears to be no reversal of abuse in sight.  The attitude of entitlement continues to prevail among the elite.  It has become so ingrained, Our Heavenly Father may utilize a severe, corrective procedure to cut out the corruption and lawlessness that is prevailing in the U.S., for lawlessness demands judgment.  This country has had plenty of opportunity to repent but continues on the path of self destruction to the point of being out of control.  The lawlessness is not isolated but has become widespread.  This attitude parallels the fall of the Roman Empire in its last days.

The issue is not political, it is all about sin and lawlessness.  We promote Love and all its attributes, not sacrificing others for the benefit of “self”.  The leaders of a country reflect the hearts of the people.  I share these videos and links to inform the reader of lawless state which is global in nature.  Judgment is based on the need for correction of lawlessness.  We must be aware of the overall condition of mankind in order that we can understand the Divine events that will surely follow.


This issue may not go away, see:

Economic chaos is on its way and we should not be surprised or unaware but should continue to prepare for this eventuality.  By focusing on Love and building relationships, we will be ready to minister to the unprepared, their lives and wellbeing may depend on our preparation.

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