Relying On The Holy Spirit

The following is an article written by a top expert in virology:

Social media has removed him so that his position cannot be easily disseminated for public assessment.

He know Dr. Fauci personally and others who are still working for the FDA, CDC, etc.

His position is opposed to Fauci’s. Who do you believe? The Holy Spirit must direct you and me in these times.

PS: I was watching on Whotube an exhaustive 3 hour interview this last weekend with Dr. Malone and it was quickly removed before I could listen to the last hour. It violated their policies. Tweeester also remove him and he is filing a lawsuit.

He contracted Covid in early 2020 and thought he was going to die. He self-medicated with Pepcid and the worst symptoms went away. He is closely aligned with the frontline doctors who are using Ivermectin, etc.

He is concerned about heart problems, cancers, menstrual cycle interference, etc.

Do you attempt to discredit the Truth by attacking the credibility of the person? This has been a legal tactic used in courtrooms for years. Once again, who do you believe? This is a Spiritual issue and must be resolved spiritually in each one of us. I have no opinion since all of this is above my pay grade. Proverbs 3: 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

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