My friend Harmon wrote this excerpt:

Regarding immigration, beyond the positions that tickle our ears but regarding which there may or may not be facts, there is a position that is 100% factually supported.  In prep for the Exodus, God caused a swarm of locusts, that was “bigger ‘an Youston,” to consume what was left of the crops after the hail had fairly well destroyed everything.  (Associated with the Exodus are 13 signs and wonders.  The two we’re talking about are eight (hail) and nine (locusts).  On a related point, the labeling of these acts of direct Divine Intervention as “plagues” has been misleading from the moment of the labeling.  For example, regarding sign and wonder ten, how can “light” in Goshen and darkness throughout the rest of Egypt ever in a million years qualify as a “plague?”  It’s not a “plague.”  It’s simply another measure of distinction between Egypt and Israel.  Thus, it’s another “sign and wonder,” and there are 13 signs and wonders that distinguish Israel from Egypt associated with the Exodus.)

What do the locusts have to do with the modern illegal immigration problem?  The scholars of the prophetic word teach us that the locusts are the symbol of the illegal immigrants.  What is the purpose of the locust?  To come in after the “hail storm,” that has fairly well already destroyed the “crops” on which the nation depends, and then to consume that which could possibly remain of those “crops.”  The “locusts” eat that which remains of the substance of the land.

We can talk about the sequence of events associated with the Exodus, and we can talk about what is the substance of the land that the locusts are consuming.  But, that’s not the point of this note.

Key here is “the rest of the story.”  Key here is that the term and tenure of the “locusts” is for a limited time.  God brings the locusts in with one wind, and, here’s the point, He then removes them with another wind.

We can also speculate about “what it is” that’ll drive the illegal immigrants back across the border.  We’ll know when it happens.  Whether it’s covered by the controlled press or not, we’ll know when it happens.

To see this matter through the eye-glass tinting that confirms the reality of Divine Judgment is to see, in this additional way, our present legal reality, in terms of the Law of God.  As we come to realize that we are, in fact, presently, under a Deluge of Divine Judgment, we come to realize that the solution for that is repentance from that which otherwise puts and keeps us on God’s “List of the Rebellious.”  How do we know we’re in rebellion?  Because part of our condition of Divine Judgment is the present “Beast” system under which we labor in vain, daily, and it’s the “Beast’s” job to devour and to destroy the rebellious.

One more analogy.  Let’s say that a guy has a car that needs repair.  Let’s say that this guy’s car just barely gets to the repair shop, and that the diagnosis and then getting of parts and then completion of the repairs would take longer than a day.  Let’s say that the repair shop is, oh, say, about 15 miles from his house and farm, where he has animals to tend, all the more so due to the seasonally colder temperatures.  Let’s say that the only way to get back to the animals that need tending is to walk.  Let’s say that the most direct route is along a highway.

Let’s say that occasional flashes off the pavement of the shoulder of the feeder road from the warming, mid-day sun light, confirm that coins, mostly pennies, are on the pavement.  Some of these coins are easily relocated from their present position.  Other coins have been on the pavement long enough, perhaps even traveled over, clearly in the warmer climate, such that it’d take a sizeable mallet with a wedge, say a sharp, flat-blade screwdriver, to dislodge those coins from the pavement into which they’ve become quite securely embedded.

This is a really good analogy to where we are in America at present.  A few of us are ready to be relocated, at least in terms of what’s in our minds in terms of facts and competent analysis, while a great many of us are so embedded in the popular paradigm, the “matrix” paradigm, the distraction from our actual reality, that we’re stuck.  It’s not that we can’t become unstuck; it’s that it’d take a sizeable mallet and a particularly sharp wedge device to accomplish that dislocation.

In either case, whether we’re the loose change on the pavement of the shoulder of the feeder road, or the change now embedded in the top of the pavement, it takes someone else’s coming along to accomplish that relocation.  That One coming along might be Messiah (which Arrival Day is definitely approaching); it might be one of His students, followers, or Disciples.  Each in our own order (time sequence).  That which differs in the timing and in the sequencing is the level of responsibility.  Those “relocated,” to the reality paradigm, have a responsibility to hold and maintain that position until Messiah arrives, so then as to be the student, follower, or Disciple, say, to find that next loose change along the shoulder of the highway and provide a means of relocating it, from an un-useful location to a useful location.

The lame and the blind were in an un-useful location along the streets, and highways, and by-ways, until Messiah came along and healed them.  The healed then had the responsibility to contribute to their communities.  They were no longer justified in living off the gifts of others.  That rather material, rather abrupt, change in their lives is recognized ahead of time by Messiah’s plainly asking them if they actually wanted to be healed.  Being healed is a one-way turnstile.  The responsibilities follow immediately upon being healed.

Once we come into an understanding of our reality, whether at the Law of God or the “law of man” levels, there’s no turning back.  We’re “relocated” through that one-way turnstile.  Our minds are different (the healing has begun).  Our actions based on those thoughts are (likely to be) different.  We are to maintain, and even continue to improve upon, our disciplined perspective until Messiah arrives.

We know we’re making substantial progress where we’re no longer motivated into “hate.”  It’s extremely important for the “Beast” that we be easily manipulated into “hating” something, and anything will do.  Where the “hate” motive is no longer part of our perspectives, whether it’s directed to this or that political party, or this or that profession, or this or that “leader,” be it commercial or political, or this or that religion (where the adherents “think funny,” right?), etc., we’re all the less subject to control by this “Beast” system.  It’s easy to get into “hating” God for “allowing” this or that (which “this or that” will prove to be forms of His Judgment).  It’s easy to get into “hating” those who “think funny,” which has always been one of these “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” matters, of course.  Here, we’re being baited into “hating” the illegals, and whatever else we have in the way of a response, it helps to keep in mind that these illegals are simply caught up in the Winds of God.  The one Wind is blowing them into our country (and into countries all across the globe); the other Wind will be blowing them back out, again, when that time arrives.  As we continue to practice Truth, Repentance, and Mercy, we’ll find ourselves less and less subject to the control of this “Beast” system and its minions.

There’s another thing about the illegals that’s kind of subtle.  Since there’s nothing that we, directly, have any real control over, we’re putting the responsibility, whether consciously or subconsciously, onto someone else to “do something.”  But, the reality for this is the same as for anything else.  Once we accept that we’re dealing not with “law of man” problems (illegal immigration) but with Law of God problems (paganism and false doctrine), so as to be motivated to take individual responsibility for our own contributions for finding ourselves up under the bus of this “Beast” system, we’ll be doing a whale of a lot more than we realize to the benefit not only of our local communities but also to the defense of our nation, generally.  The river of illegals is a problem; it’s one of a multitude of problems, all of which are brilliantly “marketed” to keep our minds away from the problem, which is our collective paganism and adherence to false doctrine.

To solve a problem, it must first be identified correctly.

Miracles happen every day.  In other words, God is in perpetual interaction with His Creation.  His Laws are immutable.  We simply need to want to see the miracles in order to recognize them for exactly what they are.  We’re not talking “magic” that has so enamored the “Catholics” for centuries, even millennia.  We’re talking matters of actual Divine Intervention.  We’ll enjoy this aspect of our legal reality, the actual Divine Intervention part, a bit more where we are on the Blessings side of the fence instead of on the Judgment

End of excerpt

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