FATHER’S Preferred Fast

FATHER tells us how to fast and then declares the benefits.

It is written by THE SPIRIT in Isaiah chapter 58:

6 “This is the kind of fast that I desire:

    Remove the heavy chains of oppression!

    Stop exploiting your workers!

    Set free the crushed and mistreated!

    Break off every yoke of bondage!

7 Share your food with the hungry!

    Provide for the homeless

    and bring them into your home!

    Clothe the naked!

    Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!

8 Then my favor will bathe you in sunlight

    until you are like the dawn bursting through a dark night.

    And then suddenly your healing will manifest.

    You will see your righteousness march out before you,

    and the glory of Yahweh will protect you from all harm!

9 Then Yahweh will answer you when you pray.

    When you cry out for help, he will say,

    ‘I am here.’

If you banish every form of oppression, the scornful accusations,

    and vicious slander,

10 and if you offer yourselves in compassion for the hungry

    and relieve those in misery,

    then your dawning light will rise in the darkness

    and your gloom will turn into noonday splendor!

11 Yahweh will always guide you where to go and what to do.

    He will fill you with refreshment

    even when you are in a dry, difficult place.

    He will continually restore strength to you,

    so you will flourish like a well-watered garden

    and like an ever-flowing, trustworthy spring of blessing.

12 Your people will rebuild long-deserted ruins,

    building anew on foundations laid long before you.

    You will be known as Repairers of the Cities

    and Restorers of Communities.

13 “If you stop pursuing your own desires on my Holy day,

    and refrain from disregarding the Sabbath,

    if you call the Sabbath a delightful pleasure

    and Yahweh’s Holy day honorable,

    if you honor it properly by not chasing your own desires,

    serving your own interests, and speaking empty words,

14 then you will find the joyous bliss

    that comes from serving Yahweh.

    And I will cause you to prosper

    and be carried triumphantly over the high places of the land.

    You will enjoy the heritage of Jacob, your ancestor.”

    Certainly the mouth of Yahweh has spoken it!

We don’t need to abstain from food in order to convince FATHER to do anything.  HE wants to bless us.  A food fast is intended to take control over our bodies which has been challenging our spirit man.  If we are led by The Holy Spirit, a food fast will only serve to make us less healthy by withholding nutrition thus promoting sickness and disease.

When we help the less fortunate, we are actually walking out a fasted life.  As the above passage reveals, FATHER takes note and responds.  “If you, then HE”.  Giving to our “Kids in need” program accomplishes many of the “If’s”.

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