The True Purpose of Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18  "And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

The true purpose of wealth is to establish Our Heavenly Father’s Covenant of Love.  Many Christians want wealth but for the wrong reason- consumption.  Only after they have met all their own needs are they interested in fulfilling their part of establishing Our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.  “Self” takes and consumes whereas Love gives.  We are to exercise faith in the context of establishing the Covenant of Love not for self-motivated acquisition of material things.  As we change our focus outward, we place ourselves in a position to exercise our faith to establish HIS Covenant.

Faith is Love in action.  When we hear a Word from Our Heavenly Father, the universe is being mobilized to bring forth HIS Word.  Resources are now ready to respond to your acting upon His Word.  Hope is the expectation of manifestation that is established when His Word is spoken.  Now it is time for you to do your part- act!

Think not that your business acumen is the reason you have money in the bank.  I have seen fortunes of men come and go.  We have all  heard stories of men making millions only to lose it all and start all over.  Those are the men who knew how to utilize their gifts but did not know or realize their GOD-given purpose or calling.  Their lawlessness was at the source of their riches being ripped away from them by a universe kept in balance by Love.  Love will not perpetuate lawlessness but will correct the lawless person in an effort to restore him or her to Our Heavenly Father.  Lawlessness cannot approach the Throne of GOD but a restored son or daughter can.  Christians often wonder why heathens have the wealth.  They are vessels used by Our Heavenly Father to steward over those resources until they are needed.  It is clear that Our Heavenly Father has no problem in using anyone HE has created to fulfill  HIS purpose on earth.  There are vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.  I choose to focus on the former.

Our Heavenly Father has had my wife and I give to those who we really weren’t interested in giving to for various and sundry reasons.  HIS directing of money often exceeds our comprehension.  “He’s lawless and you want me to give how much?”  “She’s just a controlling and manipulative person and you want us to help her out?”  Let’s face it, those questions enter our mind when Our Heavenly Father tells us to give.  We can’t see what is truly in the heart of the person but Our Heavenly Father knows.  HE is in the business of restoration and has selected those who are willing to establish His Covenant of Love to be the “boots on the ground” to direct HIS assets to those in need.  We lose out on a blessing when we rationalize away a command to give by Our Heavenly Father because we don’t think the person needs or deserves the money.  It is an attempt by the ego to exalt itself above Our Heavenly Father.

The tithe is not your money.  Ouch!  The tithe is Our Heavenly Father’s and if HE wants to give it to an apparent undeserving recipient, chill out!  HE’s got it all under control.  If HE wants to give to the wealthiest person you know,  don’t sweat it.  HE is planting HIS seed to overtake and consume all other seed.  HE is looking for obedience in Love, not just compliance.

  Over the years, I have found Our Heavenly Father faithful to supply all of my family’s needs according to HIS riches and Glory.  In order for us to be used in establishing His Covenant we must have faith, hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love!

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