The Emotional Side of Investing

I have been an active investor for over 30 years:  Stock, put/call options, futures, etc.  I have experienced the day trading methodology using both public and proprietary technical indicators.  Additionally, I wrote  technical indicator software to use on my Tradestation in an effort to generate greater daily profits.  There is one thing that is tougher to overcome than any other trading obstacle: emotion.  The following provides perspective:


This graph says it all.  Prices go up and down, our emotions go up and down.  If we can focus on the Words of Our Heavenly Father, our emotions will be held at bay.  If Our Heavenly Father says to invest, then do it.  If you ask Him and get no answer, then don’t.   How simple is that!  I can hear you saying “I have trouble hearing Him” or “I’m not sure those were His Words”.  This is why we must focus on HIM and not on us.  As we move towards the Throne of Our Heavenly Father, we will hear more clearly.  As we focus on Love, we take on HIS character and our ears will open and our eyes will see.

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