The Current Economic Environment

The Currency Wars are in full swing and no country wants a strong currency.

Central Banks’ Money Printing causing deficits to grow to an unsustainable level.

Financial Repression pushes the interest rate well below the inflation rate thus extracting purchasing power away from the saver.

Market Intervention keeps the average investor from normal investing practices that would assure an adequate retirement income or wealth accumulation.

What am I to do?  It seems that the world could fall apart at any time.  The goal is to be the “last man standing”.  Moving to the essential area of the market with your money may be the safer place to be.  Gold & silver are insurance positions against catastrophic events.  Dividend paying stocks in energy, food, utilities, and other essentials with a long track record are another source of investment.  A strong track record of dividends usually indicates strength within a company.

There is no sure way to invest in a fragile global economy.  The only sure thing to do is to continue developing your relationship with Our Heavenly Father for HE knows where to focus your resources.  2012 assures us that hope, faith, and Love will be required like never before.  Man’s complex systems will ultimately collapse and your reliance on those systems will put you at risk as well.  Your trust in methodologies that worked over the last forty years will be challenged soon.  We have come to believe that technology would fix anything rather than the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill from Above.  We will see that fallacy exposed soon.

Kingdoms in the Arab world  have been crumbling.  I believe they are the precursor to the fall of other kingdoms.  Our peace will come from Above as we place our focus inward rather than the outward.  Forgiveness will move us toward the fullness of Love.  Ask Our Heavenly Father to show you who you need to forgive and who you have need of forgiveness.  It is time to wipe the slate clean.  Bitterness must be removed at its root in order for you to attract the resources needed for your calling.  Your calling is necessary for the economic system that will ultimately replace the current greed-based system.  The new Love-based system will bring forth technologies that serve mankind rather than extract the life out of the population.  No longer will we settle for the exploitation through fear-based methods.  Love will prevail!

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