Is He Truly Blessed?

Many people are under the misconception that someone who is prosperous is Godly since he or she has been “blessed”.  Many wealthy people believe themselves to have been “earmarked” by GOD because of their prosperity.  Not true!

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st Timothy chapter 6:

3  But if anyone spreads false teaching that does not agree with the healthy instruction of our Lord Jesus, teaching others that holy awe of God is not important, then they prove they know nothing at all! It’s obvious they don’t value or hold dear the healing Words of our Lord Jesus Christ. 4 They are covered with the clouds of conceit. They are loaded with controversy, and they love to argue their opinions and split hairs. The fruit of their ministry is contention, competition, and evil suspicions.

5 They add misery to many lives by corrupting their minds and cheating them of the Truth. They equate the worship of God with making great sums of money.

Money can easily ensnare the immature and thus those who promote the “name it and claim it” message along with “pay to play” mentality, leave much sadness in their path toward destruction. 

6 We have a “profit” that is greater than theirs—our holy awe of God! To have merely our necessities is to have enough. 7 Isn’t it true that our hands were empty when we came into the world, and when we leave this world our hands will be empty again?

Money is temporary and has wings.  I have observed wealthy people lose virtually all their wealth in a short period of time.  They also lost their “friends” who were nowhere to be found once the money was gone.  Our trust must be and remain in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  His Words are trustworthy and permanent.  Men’s words apart from Christ will be burned up with the wood, hay, and stubble.  How much money is needed in Heaven?  Zero!

8 Because of this, food and clothing is enough to make us content. 9 But those who crave the wealth of this world slip into spiritual snares. They become trapped by the troubles that come through their foolish and harmful desires, driven by greed and drowning in their own sinful pleasures. And they take others down with them into their corruption and eventual destruction.

A certain man I know lost his debt-free house when he was taken in by such teaching.  His family suffered greatly and required assistance from others as his family was in severe need.  He had a good job at the time but had dug a deep hole as he blindly pursued false doctrines related to money.  The minister had no remorse but turned a blind eye to the man’s family.

10 Loving money is the first step toward all kinds of trouble. Some people run after it so much that they have given up their faith. Craving more money pushes them away from the faith into error, compounding misery in their lives!

True Godliness is being an imitator of Our Heavenly Father.  First and foremost it is walking in Agape Love.  When you walk in this manner, you become known as a giver rather than a “taker”.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Ephesians chapter 5:

1Be imitators of God in everything you do, for then you will represent your Father as His Beloved Sons and Daughters. 2And continue to walk surrendered to the extravagant Love of Christ, for He surrendered His life as a sacrifice for us. His great Love for us was pleasing to God, like an aroma of adoration—a sweet healing fragrance.

FATHER, I repent of any and all actions which did not properly represent you to those with whom I come into contact.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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