Who Do You Magnify?

Are you spiritually hungry or thirsty? Glorify GOD… magnify HIM rather than magnifying the negative: people, events, criticisms, news, etc.!

Are you abounding in faith with thanksgiving? (Colossians 2:7) 

Ultimately, you value what you focus on.

Jesus spoke in John chapter 6:

35 Jesus said to them, “I am the Bread of Life. Come every day to Me and you will never be hungry. Believe in Me and you will never be thirsty.

36 Yet I’ve told you that even though you’ve seen Me, you still don’t believe in Me.

37 But everyone my Father has given to Me, they will come. And all who come to Me, I will embrace and will never turn them away.

38 And I have come out of Heaven not for My own desires, but for the satisfaction of My Father who sent Me.

39 My Father who sent Me has determined that I will not lose even one of those He has given to Me, and I will raise them up in the last day.

40 For the longing of My Father is that everyone who embraces the Son and believes in Him will experience Eternal life and I will raise them up in the last day!”

As Jesus said in the translated Aramaic, go to Him every day and we will never be hungry or thirsty because if you truly believe in Him, you won’t hesitate to drink from that Eternal well.  FATHER wants us to fully embrace His Son so that we “image” Him in our walk on this earth.  This is what establishes the Kingdom on earth.  After all, we were made in His Image just as Adam and Eve were.  We are meant to be enveloped in glory just as they were before their fall.

Jesus spoke in Luke chapter 17:

11  Jesus traveled on toward Jerusalem and passed through the border region between Samaria and Galilee. 12 As He entered one village, ten men approached Him, but they kept their distance, for they were lepers.

13 They shouted to Him, “Mighty Lord, our wonderful Master! Won’t You have mercy on us and heal us?”

14 When Jesus stopped to look at them, He spoke these words: “Go to be examined by the Jewish priests.” They set off, and they were healed while walking along the way. 15 One of them, a foreigner from Samaria, when he discovered that he was completely healed, turned back to find Jesus, shouting out joyous praises and glorifying God.

16 When he found Jesus, he fell down at his feet and thanked Him over and over, saying to Him, “You are the Messiah.” This man was a Samaritan. [17] “So where are the other nine?” Jesus asked. “Weren’t there ten who were healed? 18 They all refused to return to give thanks and give glory to God except you, a foreigner from Samaria?”

19 Then Jesus said to the healed man lying at his feet, “Arise and go. It was your faith that brought you salvation and healing.”

Only one leper received full salvation, the Greek word being sozo.

This word goes beyond healing for it includes being made whole without anything lacking.  Praise and worship leads us to completeness in our faith.  The one leper received complete health rather than just healing of his leprous sores.

You and I are meant to walk in Divine health and our faith will take us there as we glorify and magnify Our Lord… everyday.

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