An Urgent Dream Given to Chris Reed

The following short video highlights what various “alternative” economists are warning to those who have ears to hear. The mainstream media is simply regurgitating the narrative given to them by those who seek ultimate power.

The Holy Spirit through the writings Servias has posted is meant to prepare you and me for the tumultuous times ahead. We are not to fear but instead by led by The Holy Spirit Who will navigate us through what lies ahead. It won’t be a lengthy time but we need to prepare ourselves for the duration of a transition.

FATHER is leading me to spend more time dwelling on The Word on a daily basis and be sensitive to what The Holy Spirit is directing me to do in preparation of a “perfect” storm. Will this storm happen? I can only share what I am led to do. We have recently purchased things (appliances, etc.) that are subject to failure rather than wait for them to fail. We have also increased our purchases for our cupboard.

We must remember that FATHER designated us to be here on earth for such a time as this and HE has empowered us to handle whatever lies ahead. We must tap into what is resident in our spirits!

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