Being Tenacious

How tenacious are you?

The word tenacious means: not readily relinquishing a position, principle, or course of action; determined: tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely.

Matthew wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter 11:

12  From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of Heaven’s Kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.  TPT

It is written by THE SPIRIT in Micah chapter 2:

13   “The breaker [the Messiah, who opens the way] shall go up before them [liberating them]. They will break out, pass through the gate and go out; So their King goes on before them, The LORD at their head.”  AMP

The term “the breaker” is not a passive term but denotes a passionate, even violent action or force as necessary.  We are called to be warriors which means we have to fight for what is rightfully ours.  Those who are passive will not be classified as overcomers.

Many believers have been passive and have chosen the doctor’s opinion rather than FATHER’S Truth.  Doctors practice but FATHER’S Word is perfect, complete, lacking nothing. 

I have been healed multiple times of life-threatening diseases by being tenacious concerning HIS Word.  Did I go to a doctor in those cases?  Yes, but I did not rely on the doctor for healing.  In both cases, the doctor thought I was going to die.  I began to immerse myself in healing Scriptures and my body responded.  My soul and my body aligned with my spirit.  It surprised the doctor and nurses when I recovered.  I only share this to testify of the healing power contained in GOD’S Word and it works but there are times you must be a tenacious as a bulldog!

Had I kept immersed in the healing Scriptures, I don’t believe it would have been necessary to go to the doctor.  My faith would have eliminated the need.  However, I did not continually renew my mind in that area thus I became “void” of the healing Scriptures in my soul.  FATHER disclosed that reality to me.  Our souls require renewing thus we must not allow ourselves to become dull in those areas.  Walking in Divine health is better than getting healed when the crises arrive. 

Don’t wait for a crisis to take heed of what FATHER shared with me.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 3:

4   God will always be proven faithful and true to His Word, while people are proven to be liars. This will fulfill what was written in the Scriptures:

Your Words will always be vindicated and You will rise victorious when You are being tried by your critics!

FATHER’S Word is the final Truth in all cases, without exception.  Healing is included in Truth.  It is up to us to be tenacious and hold on to HIS Word in the area of our need until the need is resolved.  Our soul must line up with our spirit in order for the body to respond.  That is where the battleground resides… our mind.  We must truly believe The Word over all that the world has deposited into our minds. 

If you keep depositing the world’s opinions, how can you expect your mind to align with The Word?  It is your choice.  Each of us is responsible for our own decisions.

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