Be Prepared

Be prepared.  The nefarious ones do not want to lose control and will take unexpected steps to retain control.

It’s not your faith in yourself that will get you through whatever lies ahead.  It is your faith in The Covenant.

Stocking in cupboard with 3-6 months of food is not a bad idea if you are able.  Having cash on hand is a good idea.  Keeping your gas tank above ½ makes sense.  After all, it has been reported that the country is down to 25 days of diesel.

With the expectation of inflation, My wife and I buy needed staples which will probably have a price increase in the near future.  The difference effectively saves us money.  We also pay extra on our utilities thus keeping a credit balance with them.

Saturday, we experienced a 13 hour interruption in our Internet.  What would happen if your local merchants experienced the same outage?  No credit cards, cash only.  I have observed this locally as well.  What happens if your bank’s communications lines go down and you can’t use your debit card?

Reread the “Staying Prepared and Mindful” blog if necessary.  From now through mid-November may be interesting times so don’t be caught unprepared.

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