An Appropriate Word

A word received this morning:

Represent the King

Jesus. All-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise. Unshaken by the turmoil in the nations. Looking for those who will boldly live in partnership with him—unafraid to stand in their identity. To be pure. To be confident. To burn. He is with us. And everywhere we go, we represent our King.

It is time for us to join him in unrelenting faith. To pray for the nations. To cry out for mercy. To know his justice will have its way. It’s vital we stand in holiness. Crucial that we become the people of faith, action, love, and compassion he’s called us to be. There’s a shaking in the heavens that’s awakening the earth. A call to remember that our merciful King has called us to rule and reign with him. It’s time to take a stand. To know what we believe so we can burn with power that sets souls ablaze. It’s time to remember that the nations belong to him. Let’s love them. One person at a time.

Father, I want to carry your Spirit with honor. To part with what’s culturally acceptable and burn with what’s eternally true. To love others fiercely and see souls set free. I want to live unafraid. Your partner. Your bride. Your set-apart one.

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