The Beast System: Part 8

   How does God do things?   First He provides us with the solution, and then He gives us the problem.  We have the solution because The “blood” is on the doorposts” of our lives, and partaking of the [spiritual] food is best likened to receiving and assimilating “The Mind of Christ.”  If we continue to allow ourselves to avoid this level of Love/Agapeō Anointing, and the surrendering and disciplining our minds, we are not going to have much of a home or nation left to defend.

    Is it the “Beast” who remains active here, or the Body of Christ?   The Mind of Christ is focused on Agapeō, Repentance, Faith, Truth, and Divine Wisdom, with real submission to, and Freedom for, The Holy Spirit to flow, guide, and direct.  The Mind of Christ is one which has us “being the neighbor.”  Remember, when the lawyer asked, “Yes, but who is my neighbor?”  Jesus’ response was –  “You are asking the wrong question!”  It’s not a matter of  “who is my neighbor,” but rather “to whom [Father]  can I be the neighbor?”

    It is time to stop being carnal, and keep in mind that it is the LORD God who controls everything – not some religious, legal, political, intellectual, or financial figure.  Don’t “feed the Beast.”  If we are seduced into just focusing upon the “front” people, then we are just “feeding the ‘Beast.’  We’re not dealing with the “front” people, or even the “Beast” or any of its minions, but rather – our main focus is to Love and trust our LORD God ‘Almighty’ who dearly Loves us and will show us through Christ what to say or do. 

    It’s “hand to hand” combat, starting in our own house – against the weakness of our mind and spirit. If we ever intend to protect, serve, and preserve the people we love, this nation, or our way of life, then we must start trusting Agape and moving in Agapeō. What relevance is there in the 2nd Amendment without Christ as our Head?  Are guns and ammo alone going to provide the discipline of mind and spirit we are now spiritually and physically being challenged to develop at this time?  The pagan and religious minds of Jesus day were told to accept Barabbas. (Mt.27:17) Whom are we choosing to lead us today?

   For now, our top priority is for us to spiritually mature and stop being pagan.  Which we can start accomplishing by terminating our participation in carnal and pagan activity, by no longer participating in immoral activities, and by not giving our minds over to any further dependence upon today’s controlling  “Beast System.”  Until we can truly say yes to Jesus our Lord, there is little practical expectation we’ll ever achieve mastery of the insight, principles, and reality being taught to us by The LORD. Stop whining! 

    There is God-denying, and God-defying like The LORD found in Jericho, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and even Nineveh. The obvious difference being that the people of Nineveh were given “sight” to “see” and “hearing” to “hear” in time to turn devastation into national repentance.

    Are we now in the prophesied Gog v. Magog event –  maybe?  And, what does that even mean?  It’s means the LORD’s BeLoved can clearly see Truth is still standing against “the Liar/ Accuser.”  The  LORD is going to render “the Lies” to be burnt to stubble, and that divine fire is starting in us for the purification of “His sanctuary” within the BeLoved. This is why it really matters that we come to terms with the reality of who we are to be in Christ Jesus  –  the Bride and Wife of Christ. This is about a LOVE relationship BeLoved, not just some war between good and evil.

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