Buying Scarcity with Infinity

Warren Buffett recently posed the question, “Would you rather own all the farmland in the U.S. or own gold?”  Most of us would say farmland since we know that it would produce food to be consumed by society.  However the better question to ask is, “Would you rather sell your farmland for gold or a fiat-based currency that was printed out of nothing?”  Would you rather auction off a scarce commodity and receive gold or US Dollars or Euros?  Since the US Dollar has lost over 90% of its value in the last 50 years, why would you want to sell a producing asset for a declining asset?

The recent drop in gold, silver, and related stocks is a buying opportunity for those who believe the above paragraph.  With the long term decline of a fiat currency, gold becomes a productive asset in its relative rise in value.  Gold and silver mining companies will soon return to the “utility company” status they once held during the Great Depression.  Their dividends will be similar to utility companies.

There is total denial that the Greek default will have a substantial impact on the global banking system.  The Euro is in deep crisis.  Portugal and Spain are the next targets for this contagion.  The losses are a real threat to the banking system.  Youth unemployment in Greece is at 51.4%.  80,000 Greeks attempted to storm the government buildings recently.  Greece has contracted by 15% and is contracting by 7% this year.  How many countries can contract by 25% and reasonably recover in the short term?  The Rule of Law is disintegrating in Southern Europe.  People are now terrified of the unknown.  The mainstream media would have us believe that all is well.

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