The Battle for Control

The move toward making money all electronic is the essence of control.  This computerized environment enables a select few to control the masses in very short order.  Without personalized money, i.e. currency and coinage, those in control of the banking system can evoke stifling power at a moment’s notice.  An all electronic environment can control communications by shutting down cell towers, the Internet, and major telecommunications trunk lines.  When people conduct business with currency and checks, they bypass the controlled system hence the move to eliminate those mediums of exchange.

Creation of money is now done on a pure electronic basis.  In a stroke of a key, money is created out of nothing and this allows those in control to do what they think is best even though they do not have the perspective of Our Heavenly Father.  How much money is enough?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows.

The control of money can now be administered from a central location.  Commerce could be shut down in a matter of minutes or hours.  Emergency Executive Orders are in place to initiate such an act in the U.S.  What are we to do, move to another country where there is more individual freedom?  The answer lies in the Heavenlies.  We must pray for Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done.  The physical will ultimately line up with the spiritual.  The less money you have, the less control man can have on you.  Jesus’ ministry was not known for the size of His ministry funds.  If He needed to feed the multitudes, He expressed enough Love over a small sample of food to multiply it enough to satisfy the thousands.  He was in command of the “GOD” particles and those particles cannot be controlled or manipulated by man.  The Kingdom economy looks like a more efficient system to me AND it eliminates man’s quest to control.  Selah!

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