How Big Is Your Possible?

Life is about sharing and promoting life in the world.

In the charismatic churches, the hurting people have been made to feel uncomfortable.  Sadly, many have been shamed for being sick.  However, FATHER will Love us through all our issues.  HE has been patient with me over the years as I have dealt with issues of my own.

All miracles are only temporary solutions.  What do I mean?  Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, yet he later died.  The woman with the issue of blood was healed but later died as well.  Thank GOD for miracles but moreover thank HIM for our eternal salvation!  We must have miracles to win the world for without them, we look like another religion.

Jesus was recorded in Matthew chapter 8:

16  That evening the people brought to Him many who were demonized. And by Jesus only speaking a Word of healing over them, they were totally set free from their torment, and everyone who was sick received their healing!

17 In doing this, Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:

He put upon Himself our weaknesses, and He carried away our diseases and made us well.

“He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.”

Demons attack and oppress your body, not you, because you are born again and they have no access to your spirit.  Your body hurts, but not you!  The devil will use pain to keep you from ministering Love to others.  He is a tormentor.  Your pain gains the center of your attention.  It can dominate your thinking; it is a detractor.  How do I deal with pain?  When it comes, I proclaim “By the stripes of Jesus, I AM healed!”  How often?  As often as it takes until the pain ceases.

Jesus went to the cross for both my sins AND sicknesses and I have to remind my body of this Truth.  I have to reinforce my mindset of Who is Lord over my life.  Yes, I have become lax at times in the past and have had to restate the Reality of who I am in Christ.  There is no need to feel guilty.  Repent and move on.

Every now and then, we need to simply return to the basics.  When things are going well, it is easy to become less intense in our spirit man.  This is why I find it needful to begin the day in prayer.

Matthew recorded by The Holy Spirit in chapter 9:

35   Jesus walked throughout the region with the joyful message of God’s Kingdom realm. He taught in their meeting houses, and wherever He went he demonstrated God’s power by healing every kind of disease and illness.

How big can “possible” be in you?  If Jesus is preeminent in you, “possible” will be much greater.  Is GOD limited by living in you?  We are to let His Life flow through us and be His bodies on earth at this time.  Expect Jesus to flow through you to minister life and healing to others.

Remember, Jesus is GOD’s revelation of Himself in the flesh.  Jesus represents thee Love of The Father for mankind and wants all to be saved and healed.

We are to be His vessels on earth just as Jesus was when He walked the earth.

Jesus spoke in Mark chapter 9:

Jesus said to him (and us), “What do you mean ‘if’? If you are able to believe, all things are possible to the believer.”

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