The Resurrection by Love

For God so loved the world HE raised HIS Son up from the dead.  HIS Love had the power and authority over death and this was to precede the arrival of the Holy Spirit who would be the Comforter or advocate for us as we transitioned from death to life.  Just as Jesus was the physical manifestation of Love, the Most Holy Spirit provides us the advocacy of Love by which we witness in our spirits as we are moved upon.

Mankind deep down inside knows that the resurrection occurred.  Attempts have been made to dilute the truth but when miracles continue to point to the resurrected Christ, the truth is reaffirmed.  The Most Holy Spirit constantly testifies of the reality and the peace of GOD provides its own confirmation.  We are all spiritually connected and there is no “nothingness” out there.  Naïve researchers in the past would tout their belief of nothingness because of insufficient means of testing.  However as mankind’s ability to measure smaller and smaller aspects of the universe, they have finally figured out that Our Heavenly Father intelligently designed the interconnectedness of the universe.  Men have studied the interconnectedness of living things and have found that there is a bond of men to plants and animals that has no problem with space or time.  Once they figured this out, they could understand the communication of Heaven with men and women around the world.

As Love is embraced by more, there will be a further release of revelation of how the universe really works.  Higher laws will be revealed that take precedence over the lower laws most of us experience.  We will begin to understand how the resurrection could occur and those of us who have fully embraced the resurrecting Love of Our Heavenly Father will be used to raise the dead, heal the sick, and minister life to the broken-hearted.  Instead of a Pentecostal anointing which has manifested a “down payment” of the fullness of times, I expect to see those greater miracles that Jesus spoke of.   The fullness of Our Heavenly Father is fast approaching.