Focus On The Unconverted

We need to be concerned and have a heart for the unconverted.  Jesus instructed us to win souls to Christ and establish the Kingdom in them.

Jesus had a heart and focus for the unconverted.  Paul had a heart for the unconverted.  We should too.  We are to be known as soul-winners.

We need to become magnets for unconverted people who want to be saved.  They should see that we have something they don’t have.  As a result, we are to give them The Good News in a language they will understand.  Talk the language of the people.

The Gospel is simple and meant to be understood by all.  We are saved to become savers; we are healed to become healers: we are lifted up to become lifters; blessed to become blessers.

These writings are intended to mature us to where we can and will represent Jesus to all of mankind.  Are you happy?  You should be.  Do you encourage people?  You should.  People want to have a connection with GOD because we are all wired that way.  When they see us walking in a fulfilled state, they will be drawn to us.

We should not add to their problems, we are to be problem solvers.

You and I have the same anointing that Jesus had when He walked the earth.  Why else would He state in John chapter 14:

12  “I tell you this timeless Truth: The person who follows Me in faith, believing in Me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do-even greater miracles than these because I go to be with My Father!

13 For I will do whatever you ask Me to do when you ask Me in My Name. And that is how the Son will show what the Father is really like and bring glory to Him.

14 Ask Me anything in My Name, and I will do it for you!”

Do you really believe these Words?  I do and I am expecting to do greater miracles with the sole purpose of bring glory to FATHER.

You don’t have to pray for Jesus’ anointing, nor do you have to beg for it.  If you are following Him in faith, you’ve already got it!

We need to find ourselves in the Scriptures.  Many of the past writings were to show us who we are in Christ.  Ephesians chapter 1 provides us much of what has already been deposited in us.

Jesus spoke to Paul and is speaking to us in Acts chapter 26:

15   “I asked, ‘Who are you, Lord?’ “And the Lord replied, ‘I am Jesus, the One you are persecuting.

16 Get up and stand to your feet, for I have appeared to you to reveal your destiny and to commission you as My assistant. You will be a witness to what you have seen and to the things I will reveal whenever I appear to you.

17 I will rescue you from the persecution of your own people and from the hostility of the other nations that I will send you to.

18 And you will open their eyes to their true condition, so that they may turn from darkness to the Light and from the power of Satan to the power of God. By placing their faith in me they will receive the total forgiveness of sins and be made Holy, taking hold of the inheritance that I give to My children!’

These Words of Jesus apply to you and me.  We don’t need to seek some man’s anointing when we have the anointing of Jesus Who freely gave to all who truly believe in Him.  Has Jesus appeared to you in Scripture yet?  Has His Love embraced you yet?

We have been commissioned by Jesus to destroy the works of the devil… now is the time!

Paul responded to Jesus:

19  “So you see, King Agrippa, I have not been disobedient to what was revealed to me from Heaven.

20 For it was in Damascus that I first declared the Truth. And then I went to Jerusalem and throughout our nation, and even to other nations, telling people everywhere that they must repent and turn to God and demonstrate it with a changed life.

22-23   “But in spite of all this, I have experienced the supernatural help of God up to this very moment. So I’m standing here saying the same thing that I’ve shared with everyone, from the least to the greatest. For I teach nothing but what Moses and the prophets have said was destined to happen: that our Messiah had to suffer and die and be the first to rise from the dead, to release the bright light of Truth both to our people and to the non-Jewish nations.”

Start simple, focus on ministering to one soul.

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