A Call to Unity

We believe that now is the time to come together in unity.  We are in the midst of building a website that will allow interested brethren to join us in moving toward unity.  You will be able to identify yourself and provide a list of gifts and your calling as well as other personal information and resources that will allow us to facilitate the manifestation of various aspects of the Kingdom.  We only do this in response to what we have heard Our Heavenly Father direct us to do.

As the resources come forth, we expect to deploy those resources in a productive manner.  Each of us has been prepared for such a time as this.  We have been trained and directed by Our Heavenly Father in the various vocations, gifts, and callings to supply the needs of the Body of Christ.  Deep down in our spirit we know that there is more to do than what we have been doing in the past.  Some of us have local callings, some in the national arena, and some internationally.  Some have tangible callings, some intangible.  Each calling is important.

When the 153 fish were summoned to be eaten, they were brought forth in a net.  Likewise, we will utilize a “net” of a global nature.

A little history: Last November I was minding my own business and in a simplification process.  I wanted to consolidate servers for the business.  I could upgrade an existing server and eliminate an older server thus reducing hardware maintenance cost.  The upgraded server would be more than adequate for what I was doing.  Simplification and reduction of costs made pure business sense.  Our Heavenly Father intervened and told me to buy a new server rather than upgrade the old one.  The new server was 20 times the cost and 400 times the speed.  I knew then that HE had other plans.  It became clear that there would be an activation of some type to come forth soon.  As it turns out, the development of a Kingdom Resource database is at hand.

There are many around the world who are called to bring forth the Kingdom.  It is now time to “connect the dots”.  Just as Gideon made the call to overcome strife and confusion, we will be making the call.  We expect to have the website operational in less than 90 days.  You will be able to sign up as an interested individual to become a part of this calling to bring forth the Kingdom.  Do we know all the details?  No, Our Heavenly Father will provide those details as we move forward.  I would expect Kingdom Enterprises to come forth with the resources at hand.  I would expect “Kingdom healthcare”’ to materialize.  I would expect a ministry infrastructure to come forth that preaches the fullness of the message of Truth in Love.  I would expect us to be known by our ministry to others rather than building another aspect man’s attempt of “Christiandom”.

We have reserved the URL name of unity153.net.  We are in the midst of building the database for capturing the information.  We will walk this out as we are given revelation.  I expect to have the secure site up by as early as June 1st.  We use world class servers in a world class secure server site.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done!

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