MIASM CODES The concept of a miasm developed prior to an understanding of microbes as a cause of disease. The word miasm was first used by Hippocrates as a “fault or a taint” in water or air as a cause for the transmission for certain diseases. Miasms described by Hahnemann are infectious principles or agents… Continue reading MIASMS

Ratings Agencies have begun…

On January 21st of this year I wrote about the expected downgrading of insurers.  See Brace Yourself: http://www.servias.org/?p=48 . This is now occurring. MBIA Loses AAA Insurer Rating From Fitch Rating Agency Over Capital.  See : http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aUKrtfm0u4yI&refer=home This only reinforces the need to be vigilant in placing your finances in defense mode.  Do not be… Continue reading Ratings Agencies have begun…

Destruction of a Currency

In the Holy Scripture, there are examples of the destruction of a currency (or medium of exchange).  Often, currency destruction is associated with a famine.  In Genesis, Joseph was groomed by The Father for a ministry in the upcoming famine.  Man did not know of this impending event, only Our Heavenly Father knew.  Joseph was… Continue reading Destruction of a Currency

Love has rights

Man’s definition of love suggested passive responses to conflict.  A person’s rights were secondary if he was to walk in love.  He was to turn the other cheek in a confrontation.  He was to look the other way if lawlessness challenged him.  However, love has many characteristics including mercy and justice.  The first mention of… Continue reading Love has rights

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Influenza-An Overview

Influenza Strains of viruses causing influenza: Type A Isolated from animals (fowl, swine, horses, etc.) The cause of all pandemics Type B Isolated from humans Low mortality rate The cause of illness in the very young Type C Isolated from humans A strain not implicated in epidemic disease Characteristics of the Influenza virus: Surface antigens… Continue reading Influenza-An Overview


ELECTROMAGNETIC TRANSFER OF FREQUENCIES FROM THE COMPUTER TO SOLUTIONS It has been observed that signals in the computer that restore conductance during the detection process can be transferred to water, or more typically, a 20 percent water/ alcohol solution, by means of an electromagnetic induction coil. Once made, the electromagnetically induced solution may be substituted… Continue reading IMPRINTING


CONSTITUTIONAL CODES The word Constitutional has a homeopathic derivation. It refers to homeopathic remedies that are prescribed based on the personality of the individual rather than just the totality of symptoms as described by Hahnemann. The whole personality is taken into account – moods, fears, temperament, likes, dislikes, lifestyle and reactions to stress. Constitutionals states… Continue reading CONSTITUTIONAL STATES