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Financial Bottom Fishing

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

From time to time the market gives us an opportunity to pickup some cheap investments.  The challenge each of us has is to not be moved by the media.  Those in power are well acquainted with the power of persuasion.  Torture is persuasion on steroids.  If you bombard people with a particular view, they will ultimately believe the view you are projecting.  That is why it is so important to "hear" Our Heavenly Father and not be moved by the talking heads on TV.

Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

The Book of Judges has a consistent theme: the people did evil in the sight of THE LORD, HE delivered them to their enemies, they cried out, then HE sent a deliverer.   The U.S. has moved away from the principles of the Kingdom of God to the principles of Mystery Babylon.  Usury and greed are the basis of the sub-prime mortgage crisis.  Banks, credit card companies and other lending institutions are rationalized why it is good to keep us in financial bondage.  They removed prudent lending practices to ensnare the average person in loans that at best will barely be repaid.  The "Me" generation is quickly moving toward the day of reckoning.  It appears that we are on the same course as in the Book of Judges.  We are shipping over $400 Billion to other countries, some who are potential enemies.  We are paying for their rise to power.  We may be crying out to THE LORD by 1/11/11.

In the meantime, for those who believe that their party will end, the last few days have provided some notable investing opportunities.  Gold dipped to the $870 level.  It sent gold stocks down.  A good example of a gold stock with great potential is Minefinders:



Minefinders is expecting to begin production within months.  The stock is closely held and the management acted responsibly when raising money during the exploration phase.  (See disclaimer on website).  I have invested in this company.  This is not a core holding as would be Goldcorp or Yamana Gold.  However, this stock has dramatic upside potential.  Greater risk but greater reward potential.

Gold and silver bullion were a buy this week.  $870 gold and $16.50 silver are looking cheap now.  Higher energy prices will force metal producers to keep prices higher.  Miners will shut down mining if costs exceed prices of their products.  They have done this in the past.  This creates a floor for metals prices.  China continues to play a major role in prices.  Their new middle class will have a ravenous appetite for goods and services that the West has been accustomed to.  Their meat consumption will rise.  It takes a lot of grain to feed cattle.  Moving from a vegetarian diet to include meat will have an inflationary impact on global food prices and supply.  Americans MUST start thinking globally.  The American-centric world has come to an end.  U.S. companies with employees in other countries are being pressed to pay those employees in Euros or Canadian Dollars.  Those employees are losing purchasing power when paid in U.S. Dollars.

Yamana Gold has had a 33% retracement in price.  From a technical point of view, that is a good buy signal:


I expect gold to push towards $1,600 and beyond.  Yamana and other gold stock are expected to enjoy the ride up.  Goldcorp continues to be a solid stock.  Review of their annual report reinforces my view of their potential.

I expected the natural gas price to take a breather by now.  I was wrong.  Its continued strength simply confirms our view of production declines with increased demand.  Coal is out of favor.  Power companies are starting up their natural gas fired turbines in preparation for the summer heat.  Some of these turbines had been in "moth-balls".  My original 4.25 price floor for natural gas is up to 6.50 now.  However, we might not see 6.50 again in the next few years.

I had projected $125 oil earlier.  $150-160 oil is looking more probable and sooner than I originally thought.  Those who have invested wisely should consider helping those loved ones who are hurting due to the gasoline/energy prices.  In OUR FATHER’S great grace and mercy, our investment successes are to sustain us and those around us, not just "me and my four and no more".


Thursday, April 24th, 2008

There may be controversy and, perhaps, even skepticism for trying to determine a time when an electromagnetic signal first becomes identifiable in the biological subject. By knowing this relationship, the clinician gains higher level of understanding of his case.

This is how I began to explore this subject.

After I had found a skin site that had an ohm-meter indicator drop that could be balanced by an electromagnetic signal, I wondered how long that signal was present in the electromagnetic structure. It was like asking a patient, “How long have you been sick?” I began to ponder within myself if it was a day, a week, a month, a year and so on. Once I began thinking of time, there was an indicator drop at the test site. I repeatedly tested the site with the same signal that produced the indicator balance, thinking of different times as I tested. I observed that there was a change in galvanic skin resistance when I thought a “time” that was relevant to the subject being tested.

I could sense that there was concern about being tested repeatedly in one place without anything being said, so I decided to ask the same question out loud so as to the include the one being tested in the process. I audibly asked the question: “When did this signal enter your bio-field? Was it today, within the past week, the past month, within the past year, the past 10 years, twenty years, thirty years etc?.” If the answer was within the past week, I divided the week and asked whether it was one day ago, two days ago up to seven days. I used similar method of inquiry for weeks, months and years.

In most cases patients were amazed when a specific time was mentioned! The most frequently asked question was “How did you know that?”

My response: “We live in a three-dimensional space-time creation. All information is associated with time. How you, as a complex biological system, convert that information into changes in skin resistance at a detection site is unknown. Perhaps there are experts in the field of biological energy who can explain this phenomenon, but it correlates with your recollection of a circumstance that could have given rise to that signal”.

This technique is a way for establishing the time at which a non-coherent wave became detectable during a patient’s lifetime and is useful in establishing chronology of electromagnetic events, if the time of detection can be validated by the patient. If the time extends beyond the patients life time, it is less reliable because of a lack of confirmation by the progenitor, but it is still useful in establishing the probable time for the genesis of trans-generational information.

Another unexplainable skin response occurs when the question is asked if the code came from the maternal or paternal side. In my experience distinguishing lineage becomes less clear cut the further back one goes into the lineage.

Response of galvanic skin to questions of time, whether in this generation or trans-generational, do not have to be verbalized in order to occur. They occur because of cognitive input (thought) of the operator and/or the memory of the subject. On the other hand, cognitive input does not affect encrypted pulsed codes. They are computer generated and not innate in either the operator or the subject.

One of the redeeming and even amusing effects of detecting time is when either syphilis or gonorrhea is detected. One can sense the relief of tension between spouses when it is discerned that the signal came from “great-grand father on the maternal side 130 years ago” and not the spouse. Phew! Talk about the sins of the father being vested upon the children to the third and fourth generation. So there is a biblical and a practical side to this matter as well.

One of the criticisms of this type of analysis is that it has not proven statistically. That is true. It is just an observation but it is good observation if it adds clarity to ones understanding of the case.

For example, if the time of entry of the signal into the biofield is longer then the subjects lifetime, the signal takes on the nature of a miasm and imputes a different character to the signal than one acquired during the subjects lifetime.

Adage: Last signal in, first signal out.

Interpretation of the adage:

Signals that have been present for a long period of time have been hidden by newly acquired destructive interference signals. The older signals cannot be recognized until the more recent destructive interferences has been removed during the iterative process, the so called ‘Peeling of the Onion’ effect.

Another example: In an analysis of Kuru, a neurodegenerative prion disease in New Guinea, I found that the time for signals from human T-lymphotrophic viruses always indicated a time of 20-30 years before the time for the prion signal. This suggests that Kuru develops as a result of a slow virus infection. There is a long latent period between the signal for the virus infection and the signal for Kuru.

Another Record Day in the Price of Oil- Russian Output Falls

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Record oil prices continue!


Although not the largest exporter of oil, the Russian contribution is just as critical to the overall price structure as any other producer.  You may want to revisit my earlier writing on The Coming Energy Crisis from a Mathematical Perspective at

What happened to those predictions of $40 oil?  Don’t you wish that some of those people who erroneously suggested cheaper oil would have to recant their predictions with an apology?  Those "experts" must have had an impact on the average person who then went out and committed to a 6 or 7 year note for their new gas guzzler.  Unfortunately most of us cannot immediately reverse a decision like that.  I suggest that you take action to become more energy efficient.  $10 natural gas will equate to higher electricity costs.  If we have another Katrina-type hurricane, $150 oil is probable.  $125 oil is inevitable at this juncture.

Don’t let Congress off the hook.  They make money on high priced gasoline in taxes.  It is a very lucrative revenue stream.  The following graph provides a breakdown of the revenue distribution:


The taxes add no value to a gallon of gasoline.  I wonder if the government authorities will reduce their portion of revenue to help the hurting consumer?  Happy Tax day!

Downsizing Ahead

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Too much debt, higher energy prices, and higher food prices will bring forth downsizing in all areas.  Bigger houses and bigger cars will be a preference of the past.  You only have to go to Europe to see the result of higher energy prices.  The percentage of SUV’S in Switzerland is extremely small.  There are more Smart Cars than SUV’S traveling around Zurich these days.  I would suggest that you have at least one fuel efficient car in your garage, the sooner the better.  As in the early 80’s, large vehicles will depreciate much faster as the mainstream media starts reporting the peak oil issue.  As of this writing, peak supply occurred November, 2005.

Those in the Energy Industry have been surprised by the price of both oil and gas.  Their 20 to 30 years of experience have hindered their view of global demand.  Most of their careers have been dealing with cheap oil and gas.  Prior to this decade, many wells were plugged when exploration companies found only natural gas "downhole".  Natural gas is about double what was predicted by those in the industry.  Times have changed.  Coal is out of favor for generating electricity.  Natural gas is "in".  This will translate to higher electricity costs.  As our monthly utility bills increase, the demand for larger homes will decrease.  People will no longer tolerate the high cost of living in a larger home.  Smaller, efficient houses will be where the housing boom resumes.  There’s an old saying, "It’s easier to obtain than it is to maintain".  Alternative fuels will not solve the problem.  You can’t stick solar panels on our fleet of airplanes.  Our transportation infrastructure was built on the assumption of cheap oil.  Europe’s infrastructure was built on the opposite assumption.  They are in much better shape to absorb the higher cost of energy.

I expect town centers to be revitalized.  For most families, traveling 20 miles to the movie will become history.  The lower and middle class will be hit hardest.  Inflation is going to eat up private savings.  Bible Law demands equal weights and measures.  Playing with the money supply to promote the current financial system will ultimately result in hyper-inflation.  Note the following graph:



The Federal Reserve no longer publishes Money Supply-M3 data.  This number best reflects the increase in overall money injected into the economy.  This number is the root of inflation.  The result is price inflation.  Doubling our money supply growth will surely hyper-inflate the prices you and I pay at the grocery store, department store, and gas pump.  This problem will be systemic.  City, county, and state governments will increase taxes to cover increased costs.  Once a nation defies Biblical Law, judgment prevails.  Mercy first exposes the sin to be dealt with.  If no repentance occurs, judgment ensues.  The decades of American excesses will be cleansed.  The insatiable desire for bigger homes and cars will be quenched… the hard way I suspect.  What were we thinking???

What action should one take?  As I have written in the past, simplify.  Remove excesses from your life.  Reduce your discretionary spending for 30 days.  How difficult was it?  We tend to spend up to our monthly income.  Reinstate that budget that you abandoned a long time ago.  Learn how to grow a garden if you don’t know how.  It may be required soon.  The days of "2,500 mile" salads may be gone soon.  What’s a 2,500 mile salad?  Lettuce is grown in California and shipped to New York to be served in a salad.  The cost of transportation will prohibit many from buying those fruit and vegetables grown in distant regions.  In Switzerland, you find community vegetable garden plots of land.  Each family has a small section for their garden along with a shed to keep the tools and supplies.  They will share and trade with other families so that all will have a variety of vegetables.  I suspect prices will force people to plant vegetable and fruit gardens again.

How do I determine what is needed vs. what is excess in my life?  Ask Our Heavenly Father.  He knows your calling and knows what you need to fulfill your calling.  Not all of us need the same size house or car.  There are those who will need a private jet to fulfill their calling.  Others will only need a compact car.  Don’t envy those who have need of more capacity than you.  If they have excess capacity, it will be removed in the upcoming cleansing cycle.  More capacity requires more time and energy to manage it.  Don’t serve structure, serve God!

Oil Crisis is moving to the Mainstream Media

Sunday, April 13th, 2008



Oil Demand to Hit 94.3 Million Barrels a Day by 2012, IEA Says

By Mike Cohen

March 17 (Bloomberg) — The International Energy Agency, an adviser to 27 industrialized nations, expects worldwide demand for oil products to increase an average 1.9 percent annually until 2012, driven mainly by expansion in Asia and the Middle East.

“Demand is projected to grow to almost 94.3 million barrels a day by 2012,” Eduardo Lopez, an analyst with the agency, said in a presentation to the Oil Africa 2008 conference in Cape Town today. “By 2012, demand will be a third higher than in 1996.”

If you are forced to drive a substantial number of miles each month you may want to consider downsizing.  If your vehicle’s gas mileage is less than 25 mpg, you should look at replacing it.  If your job requires a certain vehicle type such as a heavy duty pickup, the upcoming months and years will be a challenge.  The high price of oil appears to be with us for the next 5-10 years at a minimum.  What few people seem to understand is that oil has a much better energy coefficient (energy output vs. energy input to produce) than most alternatives.  On the other hand, ethanol has a low coefficient.  Ethanol requires energy to grow and harvest the crop, transport it to an ethanol plant.  The ethanol plant requires substantial energy to convert the feedstock to ethanol.  Often, the heat source is natural gas.  Oil is still the best deal in town.  Other technologies are just not yet viable.  The world has about 800 million vehicles with 50 million being added every year.  That is a staggering number.  The U.S. vehicle inventory averages 15-17 years to turnover or replace.  If you introduced a new technology today, it would take 30 years or more to move the world to the new infrastructure.  The crisis we are facing cannot wait 30 years.  Late adaptors to energy saving vehicles will be severely impacted.  When we had the oil crisis in the early 80’s, large gas guzzling cars lost substantial value overnight.  For those who owned those vehicles with a substantial loan balance, they were immediately "upside down" on their note.

There have been many inventors claiming a solution to the crisis.  Each invention has its drawbacks.  Ethanol requires a lot of fresh water.  Fresh water may become a scarcity soon.  Wind turbines need a sustaining wind.  Many locations are just not suitable for turbines.  Solar power requires sunlight and land area.  It won’t work in Seattle, Washington or Benton Harbor, Michigan.  They are known to count the days of "no sun".  The biofuels upset our food chain.  You can’t fly an airplane with a giant power cord.  Natural gas is world’s only super-efficient heat source.  It lacks infrastructure to handle current transportation requirements.

Scalability of new technology will be the limiting factor over the next 10 years.  Any alternative will require substantial infrastructure investment.  Infrastructure  development and repair require commodities.  Metals, hydrocarbons, cement, and other products will be in great demand no matter what develops.  Electricity is highly inefficient heat source.  However, nuclear power has tremendous benefits when producing electricity for transportation requirements.  The U.S. infrastructure is based on cheap oil.  The massive highway system is contrasted to Europe’s rail, bus, and subway system.  Blaming the oil companies will not result in any productive change.  The world will need about 10 million barrels of NEW oil per day in 2012.  There is no realistic way to ramp up the supply in time.  A new discovery such as the North Dakota (actually it isn’t new but recently revisited) will require substantial investment and time to develop if found to be confirmed as a major field.  When demand exceeds supply the price goes up to dampen demand.  The decline in the value of the U.S. dollar will only fuel price increases for U.S. domestic consumption.

What am I to do if I can’t change out my vehicle?  One subtle way to offset your energy consumption exposure is to buy "insurance".  How?  Start investing in a dividend paying energy stock.  As energy costs increase, the value and/or dividend of the energy stock should reflect the increase.  Effectively, you become both a supplier and user of energy.  Below is an example of the "insurance":

   Current      Future
Annual miles driven: 15,000 15,000
Vehicle mpg 18 18
Gallons used: 833 833
Cost per gallon 3.18 4.50
Annual Fuel Cost 2,650 3,750
Difference 1,100
PWE Stock Annual Dividend 4.01
# of Shares Needed 274
Price 28.58
Stock Value 7,840


I know, you don’t have $7,840 to go buy PWE(Penn West Energy) stock.  Open up an account and start buying what you can.  The earlier you start dealing with the energy issue, the better shape you will be in when gasoline hits $4.40 per gallon.


See Disclaimer:

The Black Swan

Saturday, April 12th, 2008



The term black swan comes from the ancient Western conception that ‘All swans are white’. In that context, a black swan was a metaphor for something that could not exist. The 17th Century discovery of black swans in Australia metamorphosed the term to connote that the perceived impossibility actually came to pass.

Most people today believe that technology and sophistication of thought would prevent any economic catastrophe from happening.  The classic argument of the average man on the street is, "If we can go to the moon and back, surely this problem can be resolved."  What mankind has failed to put into his equation is the sovereignty of God.  Spirit trumps the mind and flesh.

In the Book of Judges,  The Lord would provide a deliverer for the children of Israel.  Each deliverer would defeat the enemy and then peace would be restored.

Judges 3:30 So Moab was subdued that day under the hand of Israel. And the land had rest for eighty years.

Upon reading the Book of Judges, you will notice that after each deliverance, the rest period shortened.  The problem was that each man would do "right in his own sight" rather than following the Word of The Lord.  Our Heavenly Father would evoke a "cleansing cycle" to clean up the mess created by man during the expansion cycle.  In our walk we are to develop consciousness about our relationship with God.  This happens through our acceptance of Jesus Christ.  Another aspect of our walk is to develop faith.  Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God.  This walk of faith and consciousness is tested.  In Hebrews 11:17, Abraham’s faith was tried and tested.

An event known as a "black swan" may be upon us.  However, it is not a black swan to those who are anticipating a cleansing cycle.  Only those who have no clue will view an upcoming negative economic event as a "black swan".  The black swan was created by The Father.  The Europeans in their thinking concluded that there were only white swans.  They had incomplete knowledge.  In the Scripture, Our Heavenly Father reveals His character.  It is one of righteousness and lawfulness wrapped in love, grace, and mercy.  His mercy gives us an opportunity to turn from our wicked ways.  Ultimately we will participate in a cleansing cycle.  The cleansing cycle will be disastrous to many.  Their sand castles will be washed away.  Their reliance on material possessions will be shattered.  The perfect storm is forming.

What should I do?  I believe that it is time to enact a personal cleansing cycle.  Reduce and eliminate debt.  Remove unproductive assets.  Clean out the attic and closets.  Get rid of those things you acquired that you no longer have need of.  Bless someone with those things that are still usable but no longer useful to you.  As they say, "become lean and mean".  I have often thought that the people of the U.S. could empty their storage facilities and bless a third world country in its entirety.  Return to the fundamentals of The Bible.  Reread Scripture with a fresh perspective.  Search for those hidden revelations reserved for this time in history.  Once the global cleansing cycle begins, The Father will raise up those who are ready to receive His power and authority to enter into the fullness of their calling.

Paul Volcker, former Head of the Federal Reserve, recently called the current economic situation "the mother of all crises".

Jim Cramer (Mad Cramer) is now on the bandwagon for $1,600 gold.

I expect the US dollar to lose at leat another 30% in value if not much more.  Your savings account will do the same.  You may want to diversify your assets.  A 5 to 10% position (of your liquid assets)in gold and silver is not unreasonable.  This simply acts as an insurance policy to offset the loss in value of your US dollar denominated assets.  You STILL need liquidity.  That is what a savings account is designed for.  For those who are broke, I believe that The Father is raising up those with gifts and callings to minister to those without just as He raised up Joseph.  God loves a cheerful giver.  Mystery Babylon exalts those who have accumulated material wealth, The Kingdom of God exalts those who give and serve.


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008


The concept of a miasm developed prior to an understanding of microbes as a cause of disease.

The word miasm was first used by Hippocrates as a “fault or a taint” in water or air as a cause for the transmission for certain diseases.

Miasms described by Hahnemann are infectious principles or agents that are passed from one generation to another. Transmission is vertical, from parent to child, not lateral as in contagion such as in measles. He described two broad categories of miasms: venereal and non-venereal. In the venereal category Hahnemann listed fig wart and chancre. In the non-venereal category he included psora or “itch” and tuberculinum. We now classify fig wort as Condyloma accuminata, a growth associated with the Human Papilloma Virus; chancre is due to Treponema pallidum or syphilis. Psora, obtained from fluid from a scabies cyst is associated with the Sarcoptes scabiei, the acarus mite; tuberculinum is associated with Mycobacteria.

There are other miasmatic agents than those described by Hahnemann. These include various bacteria, some viruses and fungi, and non-infectious agents like drugs, chemicals and biologicals. Any agent that can be identified in successive generations in which direct exposure can be ruled out should be considered a “miasm” from an electrodermal standpoint.

An example of vertical transmission is congenital syphilis. In this case one of the parents is infected with either a classical spirochete or or a variant cell wall deficient form (CWD) of it.

This commonly undetectable variant of Treponema pallidum may also cross the placenta to produce an attenuated form of syphilis, giving a clinical picture of a syphilitic miasm rather than a classical picture of congenital syphilis. I will discuss the concept of a polythetic class of bacteria below. In my database, the signal for syphilis is the most frequent and widespread of all the signals. Almost none of those tested had a history of being diagnosed with syphilis. One of the interesting features of syphilis is that it is very frequently difficult to see a spirochete in a microscopic slide from a chancre, the skin lesion of syphilis. The same is true for another spirochete, Borrella burgdorferi. It is rare to find a spirochete in the area of erythema (bull’s eye) or from draining lymph nodes in a case of Lyme disease. Morphologic changes occur in both spirochetes making their spiral configuration unrecognizable by microscopy. They become cell wall deficient.

There are three types of cells:

Cells that classically have an intact cell wall: coccus, bacillus or spirillum or filament

Cells that have complete or partial absence of a cell wall (CWD). They form large budding yeast-like forms, discharging cysts, budding or branching filamnents, balloons with sprouting rhizoids, syncitia or sheets.

Cells with no cell wall: protoplasts. These cells have a different DNA than the CWD’s without a cell wall.


Native bacteria and fungi have an intact cell walls but they may become cell wall deficient (CWD) when the cell wall is partially or completely removed.

Cell wall deficient forms are also known as L-Forms” (Lister Institute) named by Kleineberger-Nobel; “L-phase” or “Spheroplasts”. Most bacteria and many fungi can be induced to become cell wall deficient by changing their microenvironment, such as the oxygen content in which they are growing, temperature, pH, and electrolyte concentrations, types of amino acids and by bacteriocins (toxic molecules produced by some bacteria) and by exposure to chemical toxins including antibiotics.

Once bacteria or fungi are transformed into CWD’s their morphology, metabolism, and staining characteristics are changed. Even the pathogenicity of the organism may be changed.

In this form the organism may not be recognizable by the usual methods of detection. They may form slender branching filaments with buds of various sizes and locations or they may form sheets.

Colony appearance, sensitivity to penicillin, nutrient requirements and biochemical activities vary from species to species.

As mentioned before,two microbes that readily transform into cell wall deficient forms are the spirochetes Treponema pailidum and Borrelia burgdorferi, the causes for syphilis and Lyme borreliosis respectively. Instead of spirochetes being identified in a chancre of syphilis or in the skin or the lymph nodes of borreliosis, granular structures, mycelia or large bodies are found. With special techniques these unusual structures may be made to revert to their parental spirochete form.

Reversion can also take place naturally, but it is rarely a complete reversion.

The recognition that bacteria can be transformed into cell wall deficient forms and that they may revert to their parental forms implies that bacteria may have more than one morphologic form-they are pleomorphic .They undergo developmental changes and adapt to environmental changes Only in one stage is the organism monomorphic, a classic rod, coccus, or spirillum.

Each of the pleomorphic forms may be produce a disease that may or may not be exactly the same as that of the parent organism.1

Each pleomorphic cell wall deficient forms belong to a Polythetic Class, a category or class that is defined in terms of a broad set of criteria. One part of the set is neither necessary nor sufficient to define the entire set. Each member of the category must possess a certain minimal number of defining characteristics, but none of the features has to be found in each member of the category.

See a graphic illustration of a polythetic class in my journal entry on Taxonomy of viruses and other critters-fuzzy sets and hazy boundaries by van Ragenmortel.2 He illustrates the polythetic nature of viruses and demonstrates that viruses are more diverse than one would think by depending on morphology alone. This concept helped me to understand why we see changing electromagnetic changes in signals for species of microbes during sequential testing while signals for the genus of the organism remain the same. With the influenza virus there are “shifts” and “drifts in the type of flu that occurs from year to year implying a developmental or an environmental adaptation of this polythetic virus. See my log, An Overview of Influenza.


The following outline should help you to recognize the major miasms. Further investigation is needed to correlate other microbial and non infectious agents in order to classify them as miasmatic.

Psoric Miasm:

Overview: functional disturbances like headache, nausea, and discomfort from noise, light, and odors.

Personality: Highs and lows, struggles with outside world in times of stress, lack of confidence, constant anxiety about the future, fear, like he can’t do it, insecurity but has hope, mentally alert.

Physical: Itching, burning, inflammation leading to congestion – philosopher, selfish, restless, weak, fears.

Skin effects: Dirty, dry, itching without pus or discharge, burning, scaly eruptions, eczema, cracks in hands and feet, sweat profuse worse during sleep, offensive.

Pain: Neurological type, sore, bruised, better rest , worse motion.

Clinical diseases: Acidity, burning, cancer, sarcomas, constipation, epilepsy, flatulence, hoarseness, itching of skin, leprosy, burning of spinal cord, watery discharge from nose and eyes with burning.

Electrodermal detection sites: Lymphatic degeneration OR 1-1

Electrodermal signals: Psorrinum


Sycotic Miasm

Overview: Hypersensitive (hypertrophic) response to something specific, like tumors, allergies, keloids. Deficient feeling gives rise to an increased attempt to repair the fault.

Personality: Secretive, hides his weakness, tense, constantly covering up situations, fixed habits, suspicious, jealous, forgetful.

Physical: Over production, growth-like warts, condylomata, fibrous tissue, attacks internal organs, pelvis, and sexual organs.

Skin effects: Warts, moles, unnatural thickening of skin, herpes, scars, nails are thick, irregular & corrugated, oily skin with oozing, disturbed pigment in patches.

Pain: Joint pains, stitching, pulsating, wandering, rheumatic pains are worse cold, damp, better motion.

Clinical diseases: Abortion, acne without pus, anemia, cough, colic, pelvic disease, piles, prostatitis, nephritis, dysmenorrhea, warts, urinary ailments, overgrowth of tissue anywhere in the body, benign enlargements like cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis.

Electrodermal detection sites: Lymphatic degeneration OR 1-1; Skin Detection site SK 1-3; Penis/Vagina BL 51

Electrodermal signals: Medorrhinum; Neiserria gonorrhea; Condyloma accuminata; Human papilloma virus.

Syphilitic Miasm

Overview: Destructive disorder everywhere, ulceration, fissures, deformities, suicidal, depression, diminished memory.

Physical: Gangrenous ulcerations.

Personality: Strong, pessimistic, gives-up easily, destructive behavior, risk taking, sudden impulsive violence directed at oneself or others, distorted rigid ideas. Mental paralysis, mentally dull, stubborn, suicidal and homicidal; alcohol abuse

Skin effects: Ulcers, boils, offensive discharge of fluids and pus, slow to heal, hair loss, worse from heat of bed, spoon shaped thin nails that tear easily, putrid gangrene.

Pain: Bone pains that are tearing, bursting, burning; lancinating or shooting pain in the extremities, especially at night, with the symptom of “dread of night”

Clinical diseases: Putrid discharges, blindness, ulcerations in veins and bones, carcinoma (has not been ruled out), fistulas, gangrene, hyperextension (Charcot’s Joint), bone marrow inflammation, insanity due to depression, leucorrhoea, skin disease, ulcerated sore throat, history of abortions, sterility, premature death in infants, ischemic heart disease, ulcerations of blood vessels leading to hypertension, heart attack and stroke, suicidal deaths, insanity, ulcers of ear, nose, urinary organs andmouth.

Electrodermal detection sites: Lymphatic degeneration OR 1-1

Electrodermal signals: Treponema palliduM

Tubercular Miasm

Overview: Never satisfied, intolerant, changes everything, does harmful thing to ones self.

Personality: Changing symptoms, logy, vague, weak, moves location frequently, careless, “problem child”, harmful cravings.

Physical: Recurring boils with pus and fever, does not heal fast. Worse from warmth of bed; better cold; nails with white spots.

Pain: Aching pain in knees with swelling

Clinical diseases: bedwetting, cancer, carious teeth, destruction of bone marrow, diabetes, dry cough (barking), eczema, emaciation, epilepsy, extreme fatigue, weakness, glands enlarged, tonsils, influenza, insanity, obstruction of intestines, malaria, insomnia, nocturnal perspiration, palpitation, profuse hemorrhage of any orifice, pneumonia, ring worm, nasal coryza.

Electrodermal detection sites: Lymphatic degeneration OR 1-1

Electrodermal signals: Tubercular or non-tubercular mycobacteria


Electromagnetic imprinted information in biological water of the parent is another way of transferring information from one generation to the next.

There are two types of imprinting, one is biological, and the other is computer based. In the first case, organisms living in a host have electromagnetic fields (auras) that extend into the surrounding host structures producing an electromagnetic field effect in those structures.

A good example is the effect that Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm) has on its host. This helminth produces intense pruritis ani (anal itching) in children. Generally, in adolescence and in adulthood, the pinworm is no longer present but, in some instances, the pruritis persists. This implies that there was a residual effect from the pinworm that causes itching in the tissue adjacent to its nesting site. Since all tissue contains water, there is a strong probability that the electromagnetic field of the pinworm has been imprinted in the water of the mucosa, the fibrous connective tissue or in the nerves of the surrounding area. This may be an electromagnetically induced cause of the pruritis even though the pinworm is no longer there. The possibility that the pruritis is an electro magnetic effect is strengthened by the relief of the symptoms of pruritis after an electromagnetically induced solution of Enterobius vermicularis is applied to the tongue.

A homeopathic remedy made from Enterobius vermicularis is another way to treat this type of pruritis. It is called isopathy because it is made from the helminth Enterobius vermicularis. This isonosode has a signal equal to Enterobius vermicularis, the cause of the pruritis. The homeopathic iso-nosode is an equilium of Enterobius vermicularis.

The electromagnetically imprinted signal acts like the signal for native Enterobius vermicularis. Equiliums are not the same as Hahnemann’s similimums. Similimums are expressions of the totality of symptoms that are similar to the disease for which it was being used to treat. Electromagnetically the signal for a similimum signal can also be detected at sites expressed by the disease.

Occasionally, miasms can be detected at TW 20, the Hypothamic Detection Site. Since they have a conductance effect at the Hypothalamus Site, they exhibit a constitutional effects.

Typically, Constitutional signals are found at TW 20 although I had a case of thyroid carcinoma that resolved with Natrum Muriaticum when tested at TW 20 the hypothalamic gland site and at the Thyroid Gland Site ST 10. She had been humiliated and falsely accused of cheating in school as a child and had low personal esteem and depression ever since. The electromagnetic signal for Natrum Muriaticum matched the Constitutional state of  Natrum Muriaticum  which is homeopathically used for depression and low personal esteem.

Miasms have been viewed as microbial in nature but, in my view, they may be non-microbial too. Drugs and other chemicals can be detected vertically or trans-generationally by electrodermal means.

As an example, it is not uncommon to identify a code for cocaine in children whose parents used cocaine, even though the children were not exposed.

Codes for cocaine and other recreational drugs are located at the same sites as their parents, GB 17, the Reticular Formation Site; NV 1—1, the Neurotransmitter Site, and SV 52, the Acetylcholine Receptor Site. This transfer of information from parent to the child is a biological transfer, most likely in body water of seminal fluid or vaginal fluid, spermatozoa or ova.

List of Miasm Codes

This list includes only those miasms reported in my text An Electrodermal Analysis of Biological Conductance. Encrypted codes for additional miasms can be found in most electrodermal detection devices.

Nosodes are pathological specimens digitally converted to electrodermal codes.

Bacillinum: a homeopathic nosode made by J. Compton Burnett, from the lung of a patient with tuberculosis.

Carcinosinum: a homeopathic nosode made from a combined mixture of malignant tumors including those originating in the breast, stomach, bladder, intestine and lung.

Medorrhinum: a nosode made from Neisseria gonorrhea, the bacterial cause of gonorrhea.

Psorinum: a nosode made from a clear or purulent vesicle of the Arcaris scabiei itch mite.

Sarcominum: a nosode made from a sarcoma.

Scirrhinum: a nosode made from scirrhous carcinoma of the breast. Streptococcinum: a nosode made from a bloody gingival sac containing Streptococcus proteiformis, a variant of Streptococcus faecalls. Syphilinum (Leuesinum): a nosode made from the serous fluid of a syphilitic chancre.

Tuberculinum: nosode made from a liquid culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Tuberculinum Burnett: a nosode made from an isolate from the tissue of a lung with tuberculosis by J. Compton Burnett.

Tuberculinum Denys: a nosode made by Denys of Louvain in 1896 that contained a thermolabile “toxalbumin”.

Tuberculinum Kent: a nosode made from an isolate of tuberulosis by Kent. Tuberculinum Koch: a nosode of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from a liquid culture by Koch.

Tuberculinum Residuum: a nosode made from Mycobacterium residuum, a soil bacterium.

Tuberculinum Rosenbach: a tuberculosis nosode characterized by Rosenbach.


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Ratings Agencies have begun…

Friday, April 4th, 2008

On January 21st of this year I wrote about the expected downgrading of insurers.  See Brace Yourself: .

This is now occurring. MBIA Loses AAA Insurer Rating From Fitch Rating Agency Over Capital.  See :


This only reinforces the need to be vigilant in placing your finances in defense mode.  Do not be lulled into complacency.  Those that are in control will not give us an early "head’s up" to a financial entity problem.  The average person will be the last to know.


I received a question about buying silver.  Is there any difference in silver rounds versus 100 oz. silver bars?  No.  Either is good.  1 oz. Silver rounds can be sold in smaller increments as cash is needed.

Destruction of a Currency

Friday, April 4th, 2008

In the Holy Scripture, there are examples of the destruction of a currency (or medium of exchange).  Often, currency destruction is associated with a famine.  In Genesis, Joseph was groomed by The Father for a ministry in the upcoming famine.  Man did not know of this impending event, only Our Heavenly Father knew.  Joseph was born of Rachel.  Her womb was barren but the Lord God Almighty open her womb that she might bare Jacob a son.  Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph more than his other sons.  The other sons were envious.  The Lord gave Joseph two dreams.  In these dreams Joseph would be exalted above his brethren and his brothers were not happy with this scenario.  Their anger helped propel Joseph to the fulfillment of his calling.  After a distinguished resume of preparation, Joseph met Pharaoh.  He was placed in a position as Treasurer.  However, his currency had not yet been accepted as the medium of exchange.  He had seven years of transition before his currency had become accepted by the population of the world.  Once the famine had taken hold of the land, grain had become the new currency.  Joseph was given the name Zaphnath-paaneah which means "treasury of the glorious rest" or "treasure in the field".  Both interpretations point to the same result.  Joseph was to oversee the treasure and it was coming out of the field.  It would also be for a rest period.  Most people do not view famines as rest periods.  They are effectively a "forced" rest period.

In 1995, my family was placed in a financial famine.  Up to that point, revenue had always flowed freely.  However in March of that year, the revenue was cut off.  It was a few months later when I finally asked The Father about the problem.  Initially I assumed that it was due to the normal course of a business cycle.  This time it was different.  The Father told me that I was in the Wilderness.  My response was "get me out".  His reply, "There is an appointed time for you to be in the wilderness and you will not leave early".  That response was not what I wanted to hear.  It was my custom to pray an hour before work everyday.  At that time I had a key to the church we attended and  I would go into the sanctuary an pray from 6 A.M to 7 A.M. daily.  During this wilderness adventure I tended to pray longer.  Why?  Often, I would wake up in fear.  I would go pray until peace came.  Why not?  I wasn’t going to generate any income that day anyway.  This was a "forced" rest.  My focus had to change.  It was necessary for me to live through a famine.  It was necessary to see that money had wings.

Proverbs 23:5 Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for [riches] certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.

Fortunately my wilderness period only lasted eighteen months.  When My Heavenly Father spoke to me about the wilderness, He also told me to study the three feasts and their meanings.  On that very day, He told me, "The Church is in the Wilderness".  This forced time of rest was when I received the revelation of Tabernacles.  It provided me an appreciation of the relative value of riches.  I was able to relate to those who had no hope.  I experienced the emotion of what looked to be a "crash and burn" situation.

Servias Ministries was brought forth to play a role in the upcoming currency destruction event.  Its mandate parallels Joseph’s calling.  He did not preach a doctrine.  His salvation message was subtle during the first seven years.  His calling was to acquire assets for future distribution.  Joseph did not go buy a field and raise grain.  His mission was to acquire grain from those who were called to be hard asset providers (farmers in those times).  Servias Ministries is called to be a depository (storehouse) for assets.  As needs arise, Servias is structured to distribute assets as needed.  We believe Our Heavenly Father will provide the wealth to be stored.  It may come by investments.  It may come by people who are led to give.  We do not believe in coercing money from people.  We are not interested in persuading people to give.  We are interested in people who have the revelation to give.  In the past, I have been more interested in acquiring funds by personal investments than providing others a means of giving into this ministry.  The Father corrected that view in 2006 when He told us to start Servias Ministries.

Recent events indicate that the Federal Reserve will sacrifice the currency to keep the banking system solvent.  Banking system solvency is its mandate.  The current system is destined to a "forced" rest period.  A financial famine is on the horizon.  Last week we saw the edge of the cliff.  The Fed responded with a weekend plan to keep the system afloat.  We must remember that Our Heavenly Father oversees all the affairs of mankind.  He has a plan in place to sustain mankind through the coming turbulent times.  Each of us has an opportunity to respond to His plan.  The world has not honored "rest" periods.  Man has become to busy to rest.  In the pursuit of the almighty dollar, society has forgotten the commandment "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy".  Some of us rest but most don’t.  Restaurant workers and others never enjoy a sabbath.  When I was young hardly any businesses were open on Sunday.

As the destruction of one currency continues, another will arise in its place.  As for my family, we will invest in the Kingdom of God:

Matthew 19 "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Influenza- Signs and Symptoms

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008


How to use this chart:

Test the sign or symptom at the appropriate detection site for:

  • The homeopathic codes in the protocol list
  • Influenza codes in the signal library
  • Codes for secondary bacterial infections, mostly in the staphylococcus and streptococcus groups in the signal library

Sign or Symptom

Detection Site












TW 20

Pyrogen from infectious source

Flu viruses; Bacteria


TW 20

GB 12

SV 10


Posterior Pituitary

ADH detection site

Flu viruses

Flu viruses

Flu viruses


TW 20

Pre-optic area of hypothalamus

Flu viruses


TW 20

CI 8b-1

Hypothalamus reset

Capillary-Venules (vasoconstriction)

Flu viruses; Bacteria



LU 10c

LU 10b

LU 10

Lung Main Detection Site



Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria


LU 10


Flu viruses; Bacteria


LU 8b

LU 9

LU 10




Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria


ST 3a-1


Flu Virus


LU 8b

LY 4b



Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria


ST 3-2


Flu viruses; Bacteria


LY 3

LY 1-3

Nose/Paranasal sinuses

Nasal mucosa

Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria


LY 2a

OP 12

Eye Detection Site


Flu viruses; Bacteria

Flu viruses; Bacteria


SV 48

Muscle site

Flu viruses


GB 5

Cerebral veins

Flu viruses


TW 18

TW 17a

HT 3c

Inner Ear



Flu viruses

Flu viruses

Flu viruses


CI 8b-1

Capillaries-Venules (vasodilatation)



TW 16a-1

Facial Nerve

Flu viruses


SI 1b

 LI 1b

Small Intestine Detection Site

Large Intestine Detection Site

Flu viruses

Flu viruses


GV 23-1


Flv Viruses

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