$1,600 Gold by 1/11/11

As people attempt to protect their life savings, they are constantly bombarded by market noise of where to invest.  Although I do not believe in the “all in” investing strategy, I do believe in increasing the weighting of investments toward precious metals and related stocks.  The following video clip provides perspective on gold versus other… Continue reading $1,600 Gold by 1/11/11

Cause and Effect at Two Levels

Most of us understand cause and effect at the natural level.  If you release a ball, it will drop thus reaffirming the law of gravity.  We count on this natural law daily and never give it another thought.  This and other physical laws were placed into existence and were in effect before man’s discovery and… Continue reading Cause and Effect at Two Levels

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12 Minutes to Understanding

The following video provides you with the understanding of how Wall Street and the financial community could contrive a way to extract taxpayer money and stay in business. The Geithner Plan provides a back door to bank re-liquification without grossly affecting the stockholder, bondholder, or current bank management but shifting the bulk of the loss… Continue reading 12 Minutes to Understanding