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The World Economy in Review

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Japan is a disaster: astronomical debt and zero interest rates.  They may not survive  in the current system. 

Europe:  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, France, the UK are all virtually bankrupt economies.

USA:  The biggest debtor in the world and can never repay its debt.  The Fed’s balance sheet has gone from $800 billion in 2008 when the crisis started, to $3.2 trillion now.  The Fed’s balance sheet is growing exponentially.  They are now buying 75% of all new Treasury issuances.  The purchases may go to 100%. 

Globally:  Liquidity injections (since 2008) are roughly $20 trillion with no effect whatsoever on the real economy.  These injections have only helped banks and created bubbles in stocks, bonds, and property markets.  Total world debt (excluding unfunded liabilities) is about $250 trillion with at least 1/3 is possibly bad debt, roughly equivalent to the world GDP ($70 Trillion).

Can the world repay $70 trillion of bad debt with real money? 

Global Derivatives: more than one quadrillion dollars, much is worthless. 

The month of May:  15 central banks lowered interest rates thus competing to debase their currencies.  James Rickards wrote on this in his book “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis”.

Collapsing currencies worldwide will bring forth hyperinflation. 

Gold will ultimately respond and maintain its purchasing power.  Relative to paper money, the gold price is likely to have several zeros after it in coming years.

The Physical Gold Market.  The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) reported record gold transactions in April, of +25%, the highest level since gold peaked in September of 2011. Physical trading is at the same level where it was when gold was at its peak at $1,900. 

And this is just a simple review.

The Heartland continues to be challenged

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Softball-sized hail and significant tornadoes are in this afternoon’s forecast… again:


Purple is a little unusual, even for us.  There is much Spiritual activity occurring and I now believe I could term it “enhanced”.  Thankfully Our Heavenly Father picked out a house with an inside basement back in 1992.  We may be spending some time there if the threat becomes imminent.

Is there a great truth coming out of the Heartland?


Isaiah 28:16 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD:

​​​“Behold, I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation,

​​A tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation;

​​Whoever believes will not act hastily.

17 ​​Also I will make justice the measuring line,

​​And righteousness the plummet;

​​The hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,

​​And the waters will overflow the hiding place.

18 ​​Your covenant with death will be annulled,

​​And your agreement with Sheol will not stand;

​​When the overflowing scourge passes through,

​​Then you will be trampled down by it.

19 ​​As often as it goes out it will take you;

​​For morning by morning it will pass over,

​​And by day and by night;

​​It will be a terror just to understand the report.”


Friday, May 31st, 2013

From May 1st, the Day of the proclaiming of the Census, to September 14th, the end of the Census, is 137 days.  It is also 4 months and 14 days.  Both numbers have a prophetic reference.

Exodus 6:16  And these [are] the names of the sons of Levi according to their generations; Gershon (exile), and Kohath (assembly), and Merari (bitter, unhappy): and the years of the life of Levi [were] an hundred thirty and seven years.

The ministry of Levi precedes the ministry of Melchizedek.  His sons’ names are indicative of the prophetic time of  Levi’s ministry.  Could the Census be the needful ending process in preparation for the next level of ministry?  Could the 15 year delay from the 2,000 Birthday celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ be the required legal time frame before the next ministry be fully empowered?

414 is the number of cursed time.  490 is the number of the Jubilee and the difference is 76, the time of cleansing.  I was just led to look at the elapsed time of the Census and saw the connection to the “end” of the Levi period.  As usual, I followed Our Heavenly Father’s instructions without being concerned about any timing relationships.  My goal is simply to respond when HE speaks and instructs me to take action.

To read other posts on the Census, go to the Census category at this site.

Low Interest Rates mask the problem

Friday, May 31st, 2013

As a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I can tell you that corporate spending decisions are highly effected by the cost of money.  Decisions to build, expand, etc. are all about return on investment.  Why do you think Corporate America has moved all of its manufacturing offshore?  It’s all about the bottom line.  The average worker or the future of American infrastructure does not matter.  It is every man for himself and that is the crux of the problem of the current macroeconomic model.

The current system is based on greed and self-interest and is identified historically by its boom and bust cycles.  Fear and greed play their role in moving up and down the economic cycle.  The stock market reflects this reality.  Central planners play with the cycle, sometimes extending some aspect of it, but in the end the cycle continues its roller coaster ride.

Germany has thrown in the austerity towel and is now in the money printing business as well.  They see no other way but to join in with the other countries.  Their self-interest necessitates the change in policy.  Why make their citizens suffer when other countries won’t go down the road of austerity to correct the overall problem.

Ben Bernanke’s bet on low interest rates will ultimately backfire.  Do you really think that a handful of intellectuals can accurately assess the complexity of the global economic system?  Only Our Heavenly Father has the capacity to properly guide people through a righteous and equitable path to prosperity.  Time and time again, history proves this to be correct.

Zero interest rates do work in a righteous economy.  Scripture tells us to not charge usury to our brothers and sisters but the current motivation isn’t Biblical-based economics.  The unrighteousness in the current system only serves to further the problem.  Greed perpetuates the current direction and the central planners will throw anyone under the bus who gets in their way.  They use terms such as “greater good” and “you don’t understand” as they rationalize their new economic theories.

Gold and silver will ultimately migrate their way to new highs.  The dam of resistance will at some point give way to the true market price of these two precious metals.  You can’t use one Biblical principle (zero interest rate) and expect unrighteous acts to sustain themselves indefinitely.  Our Heavenly Father does not look the other way simply ignoring the bigger issue of greed.  The Heavenly Court will ultimately rule in favor of righteousness.  Those who are called to Spiritual Warfare will lead the way for a Heavenly ruling to come down in favor of the righteous.  Judgment will be assessed on the current system and the day of reckoning will come forth.  Until this day comes forth, we must remain vigilant and continue pressing in and aligning ourselves with the righteousness and character of Our Heavenly Father.  Yes, we will  have some setbacks but overall we will move toward full maturity.  We must not become complacent and accept the current system as being permanent.  The problems are there no matter how much the central planners try to cover them up with half truths, manipulated rates, or managed reports of false recovery.  Our Heavenly Father will give us plenty of time to reach maturity but when the day of reckoning arrives, judgment will come in full force on the current system and there will be no refuge for the lies anymore.

Another Arab Spring?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah clinically dead: Report says


Census Update

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

We are continuing with the Proclaimed Census of May 1st until September 14th, 2013.  For those who have registered online at, we are constantly updating the status of receipt of your silver coin.

The original proclamation can be read at:

You can read the various posts on the census at:

We are encouraged by the response.  We have assisted those who have no access to silver by acquiring the silver coin locally.  If you are led by Our Heavenly Father to participate, we encourage you to do so.  If not, no worries.  We are simply responding to HIS Voice and doing our part.  We will look back as this all unfolds for a greater understanding of the impact of our willingness to be in agreement with HIM by these actions.  Throughout Scripture people are counted for specific purposes.  In Heaven they are also counted.  Let the count continue!

Online Bible Study featuring Dr. Speckhart’s Book and His Commentary

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

We conducted our first Bible Study focusing on the revelation contained in Dr. Speckhart’s new book Quantum and Non-Quantum States of the Lord Jesus Christ

To watch the recording of this Bible study, go to

Our next live Bible study continuing in Chapter 1 covering the ‘Names of Jehovah” is scheduled for Sunday, 3PM (CDT).  Dr. Speckhart is planning to participate live from Virginia Beach.  We luv this technology!

For those interested in purchasing his book, go to:  and click on

We look forward to your participation and viewing.  I encourage you to follow our blogs at as well.

The Risks of Current Assumptions

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The Federal Reserve has added yet another bubble to the current list of bubbles:  the Current Assumption Bubble.  This one is based on several other bubbles staying inflated.  Let me explain.  Historically, a corporate financial officer needed about a 15% return on investment (ROI) to agree to a capital expenditure.  This ROI had underlying assumptions of revenue flows, cost of money (interest rates), future cost of materials, etc.  Now enters the Fed who manipulates the cost of money, props up the revenue flows, and inflates the cost of materials.  The CFO is now basing his decision on assumptions that have been manipulated by the Fed.  Once the Fed quits stimulating the economy, the current decision is no longer valid.  If the assumptions change rapidly then the CFO not only scraps the project but then moves into a full defensive posture and shrinks all cash outflow to cover the costs of the bad decision.  By extending the Quantitative Easing (in its fifth year), the business cycle has been totally distorted.

This is true for individuals as well.  As we are lulled into believing all is okay, there awaits a day of reckoning.  My goal is not to induce fear but to warn of potential harm that may come to the brethren if we do not remain vigilant.  The financial institutions managed to virtually eliminate the jubilee of bankruptcy of individuals in the U.S.  Why did they do this?  The saw what was coming and wanted to protect their interests by changing the laws to hurt the average borrower.  This change in the law resulted in further enslavement of the masses to the financial institutions.  Could this be one of the reasons for an overall increase in the suicide rate versus the Great Depression?

People continue to feel the pinch of the current economic environment while being told that the nation is in a recovery.  The numbers don’t confirm the recovery.  Live simpler, be careful of additional debt, and ask Our Heavenly Father for guidance in your expenditures.

Love Warns

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Our Heavenly Father’s Character is expressed by HIS Law.  In the laws of warfare, the enemy is given notice before the battle begin.  They have the option to surrender in peace and become subject to the righteousness of THE LORD.  When Israel was to take the Promised Land, they were to follow the rules of warfare given to them by Our Heavenly Father, expressed through Moses in the Law.  Deuteronomy 20 provides detail.  The inhabitants of the Promised Land were lawless serving other gods.  They could submit through peaceful means or they could be taken by force.  It was their choice.  In the bigger picture, Love warns of the consequences and provides us with many opportunities to choose a less traumatic path to take.  It is no different in the economic picture.  The bigger the stakes, the greater the warning and the more time we are given to make the right choice.  HIS longsuffering is well documented in the Book of Judges.

The current economic system is plagued with lawlessness and sustained greed.  The basis of the structure is unequal weights and measures.  The impact to the public is staggering thus the inhabitants are given substantial warning and time to repent.  Warning after warning, crisis after crisis, and the lawlessness continues.  How long will the current system conduct itself in a lawless manner?  When is the “fullness of time”?  When has longsuffering reached its climax?  That is the question on everybody’s mind.  Our Heavenly Father has warned us, given us instruction on protecting ourselves, prepared us by maturing us with tests and trials.  We’ve been told to simplify, we’ve been told to disconnect our finances from debt, and we’ve been encouraged to understand the fullness of Love.  Would HE focus on those things if there was not a need to operate in such a manner soon?  You can’t claim to be surprised when the coming epic events occur.  The warnings were issued.  Some will take heed and others  won’t.

The U.S. banking system isn’t the only system with problems.  The following focuses on the European Union’s woes:


Sound familiar?

The Two Worlds of Gold

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

The physical parallels the Spiritual and the current gold market is no different.  The current gold market is made up of the paper market which is a manipulated, exploitive, worldly system and a physical market where the actual metal changes hands and is based on “equal weights and measures”, an ounce of gold for a specific price.  In Scripture, gold represents Divine Nature and just as there are counterfeits who would have us believe they are Divinely inspired, the paper market wants to manipulate us into believing it represents the physical market.

The current price in the paper market would have us believe there is no longer high demand for gold.  In the physical market it is just the opposite.  When I went to a local coin dealer Friday to purchase a silver coin for a person who was unable to get a Census coin locally, the dealer indicated that there are no local sellers of gold.  Everyone that walks through his door is a buyer.  There is a substantial lead time for him to acquire more gold through his suppliers.  It is no different around the globe.  Governments and individuals are all buying the physical precious metals at these low prices, thanks to the Western central planners who are trying to manipulate the public by suppressing the price of gold.  Why?  Gold is the best barometer to reflect fiat currency depreciation which is happening at an epic pace.

There has been over $17 Trillion in fiat currency printed since the crisis of 2008 and it has not produced a global recovery.  I have kept you abreast of what I believe to be the most honest representation of the U.S. economy reported by  This unprecedented printing of fiat currency will ultimate have to be reconciled.  Historically, it has never ended well and this time it will only end worse be some magnitude.  Mankind has always believed that the current generation was smarter than the previous who failed.  The Great Depression of the 1930’s was the primary focus of study by Ben Bernanke.  His actions are based on what he believes should have been the corrective actions to prevent the Great Depression from happening.  The problem is that the state of all of man’s systems have changed and the remedies of the 1930’s do not necessarily correlate to the remedies needed today.  The systems today are much more complex than the 1930’s.  Computer-based banking, stock trading, communications, etc. is a 1930’s economy on steroids.  Interest rates are at records lows and the global economy is not responding.

Gold prices should be at record highs.  If they were at record highs, nobody would put any of their wealth in the fiat currencies that are backed by nothing but perception.  As a bank depositor, you are an unsecured creditor to that bank.  If the bank goes under and the FDIC or similar insuring agency is overwhelmed with claims, kiss you deposit goodbye.  Plans are being put in place to reclassify your deposits and issuing bank stock if a bank goes under.  That converts a liability to equity and “voila” the bank is back in business.  These are tumultuous times in the financial arena and the average man will be the loser in the end.  The ultra-rich have been stockpiling gold, silver, and other tangible assets as a guard against collapse, insurance of sorts.

The Spiritual warfare has been on the rise lately.  It would indicate a change is at hand.  The Divine always trumps the worldly as will be the case this time as well.  There will be a separating of the sheep and the goats.  At some point the paper market will be separated from the physical market.  When that happens gold will reflect its true value at much higher levels.  Silver will do the same.  I expect silver to move back to its historic ratio to gold:  sixteen to one, a Love ratio.