From May 1st, the Day of the proclaiming of the Census, to September 14th, the end of the Census, is 137 days.  It is also 4 months and 14 days.  Both numbers have a prophetic reference. Exodus 6:16  And these [are] the names of the sons of Levi according to their generations; Gershon (exile), and… Continue reading 137

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Another Arab Spring?

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah clinically dead: Report says See:  http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/05/26/305584/saudi-arabias-king-clinically-dead/

Census Update

We are continuing with the Proclaimed Census of May 1st until September 14th, 2013.  For those who have registered online at unity153.net, we are constantly updating the status of receipt of your silver coin. The original proclamation can be read at: http://www.servias.org/?p=1714 You can read the various posts on the census at: http://www.servias.org/?cat=11 We are… Continue reading Census Update

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Online Bible Study featuring Dr. Speckhart’s Book and His Commentary

We conducted our first Bible Study focusing on the revelation contained in Dr. Speckhart’s new book Quantum and Non-Quantum States of the Lord Jesus Christ To watch the recording of this Bible study, go to  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-baptism-of-love Our next live Bible study continuing in Chapter 1 covering the ‘Names of Jehovah” is scheduled for Sunday, 3PM… Continue reading Online Bible Study featuring Dr. Speckhart’s Book and His Commentary

The Risks of Current Assumptions

The Federal Reserve has added yet another bubble to the current list of bubbles:  the Current Assumption Bubble.  This one is based on several other bubbles staying inflated.  Let me explain.  Historically, a corporate financial officer needed about a 15% return on investment (ROI) to agree to a capital expenditure.  This ROI had underlying assumptions… Continue reading The Risks of Current Assumptions

Love Warns

Our Heavenly Father’s Character is expressed by HIS Law.  In the laws of warfare, the enemy is given notice before the battle begin.  They have the option to surrender in peace and become subject to the righteousness of THE LORD.  When Israel was to take the Promised Land, they were to follow the rules of… Continue reading Love Warns

The Two Worlds of Gold

The physical parallels the Spiritual and the current gold market is no different.  The current gold market is made up of the paper market which is a manipulated, exploitive, worldly system and a physical market where the actual metal changes hands and is based on “equal weights and measures”, an ounce of gold for a… Continue reading The Two Worlds of Gold