Improving Overall Health

I spent 15 years studying the electrodermal screening protocol utilized by Dr. Vince Speckhart.  Often he would explain the results and the nuances during his testing.  As you can imagine I had many questions as I observed various results.  To summarize:

Generally, higher electron flow along the energy meridians indicated healthier individuals.  Those who were close to death were generally below “40” on the relative signal strength meter which registered 0 to 100.  People with advanced cancer were less than “30” and I was present when one such individual had less than two weeks to live.

Younger people, especially toddlers, registered 80+ on the scale and any interference was more difficult to detect.

Your emotional state could impact your energy flow where no test could be conducted.  It overpowered the physical state.

Bitterness had a negative impact on a person’s health and would present itself as allowing cancer to spread.  Removal of bitterness would arrest and reverse cancer in some of his cases.

In a book my beloved daughter was drawn to, Tommy Rosa shared his near death experience and meeting Jesus Who shared health revelations for him to share when he returned to his body.  One such revelation was concerned with increasing your “resonance” or body’s energetic level aka energy meridians.

I am convinced by all this exposure to such events that if we begin each day with an attitude of gratitude voiced before FATHER, it will increase our resonance.  Also by truly expressing forgiveness to others, we remove interferences that prevent our energetic flow.  Higher energy flows keep cancer cells from growing and replicating.  Healthier energetic flows or higher resonance strengthens our immune system to fight any invaders that enter into our energy field.

Love when fully expressed aligns our bodies with FATHER’S Divine Nature where sickness and disease cannot exist.  We must consider why most children recover quicker than adults and I believe it is due to their innocence, acceptance and tendency toward forgiveness.  Yes, there are exceptions because of the exposure to interferences originating is all three realms.

By changing your attitude you can positively affect your health.  Don’t expect man’s solutions to be the only avenue you pursue.  Jesus was never sick and His Words were intended to move us toward Divine solutions rather than men’s traditions.  It’s your choice. 

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