Black Swan

Brett (British Exist from the European Union) appears to be a black swan event.  Gold closed $72 higher yesterday and there is a notable probability that this is the beginning of sustained volatility in the markets.  Do not be surprised if the current fragile system’s collapse is now to be blamed on Brexit.

Highly margined investors will be required to raise cash immediately to meet coming margin calls.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday may see further selling causing further market declines.  Only FATHER knows how it will go down.

We have been warning people for the past eight years to simplify, to get out of debt, and acquire precious metals… even if only one silver coin per month.  Until FATHER fully deploys HIS Sons and Daughters, it is important to “occupy” until HIS anointing comes forth.  No matter what happens, be of good courage for FATHER is fully aware of what will take place.

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